Released on July 3, 2019 - 8:22am

Mayor Craig A. Moe is pleased to report that the City of Laurel made a great showing at the 2019 Maryland Municipal League (MML) Summer Conference.

Here are the five highlights that helped Laurel stand out:

  1. Mayor Craig Moe was thrilled to be the moderator for a discussion with Senator Ben Cardin. Senator Cardin filled in attendees on the issues that affect Maryland and the nation. This was followed by a question and answer period so each municipality could get their questions answered for their cities and towns.
  2. The City of Laurel received the MML 2019 Large City Achievement Award. Our winning entry was our Community Resiliency program. Mayor Moe, the Laurel City Council and City Staff have been working closely with other organizations, houses of worship, businesses and residents to ensure we are ready in case of an emergency! The goal is to increase the number of individuals, families and neighborhoods that are engaged in becoming prepared and having a plan for a survival strategy 72 hours following a major crisis.
  3. Mayor Moe accepted the Platinum Award for the City’s achievements as a Healthy Eating Active Living (H.E.A.L.) City. To achieve this award, we needed to reach Gold Level (which we did last year) and provide evidence that H.E.A.L. policies and practices are integrated across all Municipal Departments and that these policies are being monitored. MML recognizes dozens of H.E.A.L. cities that go the extra mile to create communities where people can eat nutritious food and be physically active.
  4. The City of Laurel was recognized as a Banner City for the 13th consecutive year! Banner Cities are awarded for highlighting the importance of municipal government and how it works, educating youth about municipal government, taking part in League programs and activities and making sure residents’ voices are heard on key issues that concern them.
  5. And three of our Management Staff, Parks and Recreation Director Joanne Barr, Communications Director Audrey Barnes and Emergency Manager Steve Allen Sr., were part of a presentation, “Planning, Protocols and Preparedness for Town Events,” that discussed how cities can better handle and prepare for an event or situation that arises unexpectedly.

The MML Conferences are a great venue for elected officials and City staff to network with others from Maryland’s 157 municipalities and learn about how to better serve our residents.

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