Released on March 1, 2019 - 4:29pm


In an effort to protect children at play and other pedestrians, the Laurel City Council is relaunching the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 ® campaign in residential areas.

Council members Frederick Smalls and Janis Robison first introduced the program in the City back in 2005.  

After recent complaints about speeding in Laurel, the Council decided to reintroduce the program in a very visible way.

Each Council member will post  KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®” signs in their neighborhoods. Residents who still have their signs are urged to place them in their yards too.


Smalls, who is now the City Council President says, “the mission of “KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®” is to make streets safer for all walkers, cyclists, motorists, and kids at play in Laurel. Our goal is to put an end to deaths and injuries caused by all manner of unsafe driving behaviors.”

Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe has asked the Laurel Police Department to ramp up its speed enforcement in conjunction with the relaunch.

Deputy Police Chief Keven Gray says the Department has wasted no time acting on the Mayor’s request.


After receiving a complaint about speeding on Greenhill Avenue, Deputy Chief Gray says, “LPD not only


enhanced enforcement for that area, but areas throughout the entire city.  Also, a speed sign indicator has been


installed on Greenhill Avenue  and LPD will continue to monitor the traffic while conducting periodic speed




Be on the lookout for the “KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®” signs in your neighborhood.

Laurel TV is getting involved too. The City’s public access television station will begin airing public service announcements urging motorists to Drive 25. Watch Laurel TV on Comcast Channels 996 and 71, and Verizon channel 12.

For more information about KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® visit their website at







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