Released on February 5, 2019 - 5:05pm




There’s snow in the forecast for Laurel on February 12, 2019.  


Home, apartment, condos and commercial building owners and management companies should take the time now to ensure that sprinkler systems are adequately protected against pipes freezing.


The best ways to prevent residential fire sprinkler systems from freezing are to:

  • Know where the water shut off valve is located in your home.  If you don’t, contact the Fire Marshal’s office and we will assist you. Locating that valve quickly can help reduce damage if a pipe bursts.


  • Make sure you know how to shut off the water to both the domestic water and to the sprinkler system in case a pipe ruptures.


  • Provide sufficient insulation around the fire sprinkler pipes and maintain adequate heat during the winter months.   A temperature setting of not less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended to prevent freezing.


  • Replace insulation that may have been shifted to cover exposed sprinkler pipes, primarily, in attics and garages.  If you cannot do so safely you should contact a fire sprinkler company or plumber that can assist you.



    It is recommended that a sprinkler system be tested and inspected on a periodic basis to ensure it is in proper working order. 


    For more information about preventing frozen pipes, contact the City of Laurel’s Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services  at 301- 725-5300 x 2238


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