Released on January 3, 2019 - 10:52am


The City of Laurel is now providing closed captioning for much of its programming on Laurel TV.

Closed captioning displays the audio portion of a television program as text on the TV screen.

Mayor Craig A. Moe says the service will provide a critical link to news, entertainment and other information for the deaf community or those who are hard-of- hearing.

“We recognize the need to give our hard-of- hearing residents greater access to the terrific programming on Laurel TV. It’s our pleasure to make that programming available with closed captioning to all in the comfort of their own homes,” Mayor Moe says.

You can turn the captions on or off with your television remote or through the on screen menu.

Individuals whose native language is not English will also benefit from closed captioning which have been shown to improve comprehension and fluency.

Right now, all of the government meetings will have closed captioning available for those who want it.

Many of the locally produced programs on Laurel TV are being closed captioned also.

If you live within the City of Laurel, you can watch Laurel TV on Comcast channel 996 ( HD)  or 71 (SD). It’s also on Verizon channel 12. 

You can watch a live stream of Laurel TV from anywhere at

**** One other important note: you can view any of the government meetings and locally produced programs at any time on the LaurelTVOfficial YouTube page. They will also have closed captioning on them. ***


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