Released on November 30, 2018 - 4:41pm

Mayor Craig A. Moe has announced the lowering of the City Flag to honor the memory of City of Laurel retiree Susan K. (Wellford) Poe. Mrs. Poe passed away on November 29, 2018 after a prolonged illness.

Mrs. Poe retired as Assistant to the Director of the Department of Development Management where she worked closely with Director Karl D. Brendle.   She began her employment as a Secretary in the original Department of Planning and Zoning.  She served the City of Laurel Planning Commission, the City of Laurel Historic Commission, and the City of Laurel Board of Appeals.  She worked closely with homeowners, businesses, developers, and attorneys to assist them through the City’s Zoning processes.

Mrs. Poe was a lifelong resident of the City of Laurel.  She came from a family known for its service to the City.  Her mother, Juanita Wellford, retired as Administrative Assistant to the Chief of the Laurel Police Department.  Her sister, Gayle W. Snyder, served as Chair of the Laurel Historic District Commission, and as a member of the Laurel City Council where she held the position of Council President. Her brother, Bill Welford, served on the Laurel Historic Commission and currently serves on the Laurel Planning Commission.  

Mrs. Poe was also known for her singing talents.  She had been an active member of the local Sweet Adelaides group where she participated in many competitions, bringing credit and recognition to the City.  

Mayor Moe stated that Mrs. Poe’s contributions to the City went beyond the role of employee.  She was recognized as a steady, reliable resource to those in need of City zoning services.  Her dedication to her position and her devotion to the City have played a key role in the City’s execution of one of its most valuable services, that of planning and zoning.

Mayor Moe said Mrs. Poe will be remembered by many, and missed by all who knew her.  He added Mrs. Poe’s family will announce funeral arrangements.  City flag will remain at half-mast until the completion of her funeral.


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