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Community Advocates for Family and Youth is launching a new app called SafeNight next week. 


It’s the first of its kind in the DMV area. It sends out an alert when a domestic violence user needs a place to stay in an emergency.  The user can then simply donate and the money will go to pay for a hotel stay for someone who needs it.


Laurel Police are participating in the launch of SafeNight on:


  • Tuesday, August 14th at 11 am at the Barkman Kaiser Public Safety Complex in the Partnership Hall Activity Center at 811 5th Street, in Laurel. 


  • Speakers: Arleen Joell, Executive Director, CAFY

                              Lt. Erik Lynn, Laurel Police Department

                              SafeNight app users



Here’s more information on the launch from CAFY.                                                                           




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“I believe this will really make a difference in the lives of those who need a safe haven,” said Arleen Joell



August, 1, 2018 (Largo, MD) —When escaping a violent situation the biggest problem that victims of domestic violence often face is finding a safe place to stay.  But CAFY (Community Advocates for Family and Youth) has taken a major step in making it easier.  The Largo based nonprofit has launched an app called SafeNight. First of its kind in the DMV area. 


SafeNight can easily be downloaded on a phone or other electronic device.  Then, when CAFY has a client that is in need of an emergency stay, an alert is sent and the user can simply donate and the money will go to pay for a hotel stay for someone who needs it.  CAFY is the only organization in the area that has the app, which is used by other domestic violence organizations around the country. “This is technology at its best,” says Arleen Joell, Executive Director.  “It helps to engage the community in making a difference in people’s lives. The community is involved in virtual emergency placement.”       


On average, CAFY helps about 1,500 people a year with about half of them coming in for domestic violence services.  It is often challenging to provide more than a few nights for an emergency stay.  One of the main reasons victims stay in abusive relationships or return to them is financial abuse, they do not have the means. Whatever is raised through the app would allow CAFY to extend stays in critical cases.  “It’s important that we help people make that first step,” says Joell. “For far too long we’ve embraced the mantra of ‘what happens in the home stays in the home’ and we can no longer do that if we’re going to raise healthy children and maintain healthy families. And that is what SafeNight is about.” 


Next week CAFY will hold a news conference to discuss the app, its benefits and other programs being put into place as a result.  Speakers include the organization’s executive director, Arleen Joell, a SafeNight app user and a representative from the police department.  Below are additional details for the event:


Speakers: Arleen Joell, Executive Director, CAFY

Lt. Eric Lynn, Laurel Police Department

SafeNight app users

When:  Tuesday, August 14th at 11 am

Where: Partnership and Activity Center, 811 5th Street, Laurel





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