Released on March 6, 2018 - 11:14am

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems save lives and property.

The City of Laurel is holding a LIVE burn demonstration on Wednesday, March 7th, at 2pm so you can see it for yourself.

A mock room will be ignited. One side will have a smoke alarm and sprinkler in it, and the other side will not.

The Media and Public are invited to witness the LIVE BURN in the parking lot of The Barkman Kaiser Public Safety Complex (the Laurel Police Department) at 811 5th Street in Laurel.

Mayor Craig A. Moe and Fire Marshal Dave Cope are reminding everyone that the City of Laurel is the only jurisdiction in the State of Maryland that requires all new buildings be equipped with sprinklers, regardless of size.

Media please RSVP to Communications Director Audrey Barnes [email protected]  or by calling 301-725-5300 x2208.




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