Released on September 1, 2017 - 7:46pm

The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) today formally announced that it has assumed ownership of Dimensions Healthcare System.  It will now be known as University of Maryland Capital Region Health.


All entities associated with Dimension Healthcare System have been renamed to reflect the new affiliation.  The former Laurel Regional Hospital will now be known as “University of Maryland Laurel Regional Hospital”.


For Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe and Laurel City Council members Leszcz, Nicholas, Crary, Smalls and Ricks, this announcement marks a major milestone following a year-long community engagement process they initiated to keep the doors of the hospital open.  The Laurel Strategic Planning Work Group was co-chaired by Mayor Moe and Dr. Stephen T. Bartlett, Surgeon in Chief at University of Maryland Medical System.  It included an 11-member executive committee and 7 subcommittees designed to focus on critical issues such as emergency medical care, the expansion of services that address the specific health needs of the community and the hospital workforce.  


“Our goal in convening the work group was to make sure that the community, patients, employees, union members, and physicians would have a voice in the discussion about the future of the hospital. This announcement paves the way for the University of Maryland Medical System to begin a revitalization effort on the hospital campus that is informed by the voices of people who live and work in Laurel, Beltsville, and northern Prince George’s County,”  Mayor Moe says.


This work to transform and modernize the University of Maryland Laurel Regional Hospital and enhance the range and quality of medical care at the Laurel facility will result in a $50 million capital investment, in addition to anticipated private investment in the broader medical campus.   


“It was important that hospital employees would be protected, and that whatever path was taken for Laurel Regional Hospital would lead to a facility that mattered to area residents, employees, and businesses. We made sure subcommittees were established that would work on issues critical to the region so we could find a way to keep families close to quality medical care in the Laurel/Beltsville area. The subcommittee recommendations will go a long way towards making that happen,” Mayor Moe says.


In a statement, Robert A. Chrencik, President and Chief Executive Officer of UMMS called the new affiliation “the dawn of a new era” of healthcare.


“This milestone has been years in the making, and we now begin our journey to extend our mission to serve more communities across Maryland through a university-based health system focused on delivering the highest quality, patient care, discovering new cures and treatments and educating tomorrow’s doctors, nurses and healthcare professional of our state,” Chrencik says.


A seven-member interim board will oversee the transition of the new regional health care system. It will be replaced with a permanent University of Maryland Capital Region Health Board of Directors in 2019. Mayor Moe and the Laurel City Council have made a commitment to keep the community involved with the new planned medical campus and to work with the UMMS to keep the community informed.  


“I am very happy to welcome the University of Maryland Medical System to the Laurel/Beltsville community and pledge to continue my efforts on keeping the medical needs of the community in the forefront,” Mayor Moe says. 



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