Released on August 7, 2017 - 11:55am


 Please join Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe is congratulating Sunny Pritchard on her retirement from the City of Laurel.

Ms. Pritchard has been the Historic District Commission Coordinator for the last 13 years.

“Sunny has been a tremendous advocate for the City, especially Old Town Laurel. She has worked hard to help preserve the character and charm of Laurel, and she will be missed a great deal,” Mayor Moe says.


To say there’s a lot of Laurel in Sunny is an understatement.


“I have lived in Laurel since 1943. I married my childhood sweetheart 57 years ago. We went to Laurel Elementary school together and both of us graduated from Laurel High School on Montgomery Street. My husband, Buddy worked for the Laurel Post Office for 36 years and his father worked at the Laurel Furniture Store on Main Street all his life,” Pritchard says.


She has certainly earned her retirement.  Although you would never guess it, she’s been working for more than 60 years.  She had four children before she was 24, and says raising them has been the job she’s loved the most.


“Our children graduated from Laurel Schools and had some of the same teachers that we had, “Ms. Pritchard says.


She’s now looking forward to being the “cool great grandma” and a full-fledged snow bird—wintering in Florida and spending the rest of her time in Maryland.


“This is home. Always will be,” she says.


Ms. Pritchard’s last day on the job will be August 31st.   We will miss her and wish her well.









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