Released on July 17, 2017 - 9:08am

Drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is against the law! The Laurel Police Department will conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint on Friday, August 25, 2017, from 11:00pm to 3:00am in the 500 block of Washington Boulevard. Anyone making the bad decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle impaired will be stopped and arrested.

Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe and Police Chief Richard McLaughlin agree that conducting periodic sobriety checkpoints raises public awareness and informs citizens about the efforts that are being used to identify and apprehend impaired drivers. Police are legally obligated to tell motorists about the checkpoints in advance, yet some drivers will still take the risk.

Please don’t drink and drive, make it home alive! For more information, please contact Sgt. Charles Boswell of the Laurel Police Department at 301-498-0092.


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