Released on July 22, 2009 - 3:08pm
Jul 31

Councilmember Gayle W. Snyder announced her analysis of her survey of Main Street merchants. Ms. Snyder stated she was pleased with the 33 responses received. She stated the survey presented 15 questions for response. The questions asked merchants why they located to Main Street; what they liked most about Main Street; what they liked least; what their thoughts were about the improvements to Main Street; what they want the City to do; and questions about the concept of a Main Street Manager. Not all respondents provided an answer to each question. Many questions were answered with comments.

Councilmember Snyder summarized the responses as follows:

Most liked about Main Street included the Post Office; unique shops; diverse customer base; mixed use buildings; brick walkways; trees; flags; Patuxent Place; the historic feel of the City; the Main Street Festival; friendly people; foot and vehicle traffic.

Negative responses included the lack of available parking; desire for more diversity among the shop and business types (too many nail and hair salons); desire for more eating places; desire for more street cleaning; reduce vehicle speed and traffic to include truck traffic. Also mentioned were buildings in poor repair; property owners who do not put money back into their building; no curb appeal; and businesses being closed at 7:00 p.m.

Respondents want the City to: maintain Main Street

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