Released on November 10, 2009 - 11:57am
Apr 30

     Due to the reported outbreaks of H1N1
(swine flu) in the United States, Mayor Craig A. Moe wants to inform
the residents that the City of Laurel is making preparations to address
potential medical emergencies associated with these outbreaks. 

     Martin Flemion, Director of Emergency Services, is monitoring the
status of the flu outbreak with State and County health agencies. The
City’s senior level management staff reviewed policies and procedures
relating to the maintenance of critical services, and have prepared
contingency plans for resource and staffing shortages.

     As a reminder, the City of Laurel recently distributed “Window Aid
Placards” (green and red “help/ok” signs) to all of the City’s single
and multi-family housing units. These cards could prove valuable in
determining resource needs for Laurel residents. They are an important
tool in helping city staff to respond and render assistance during
medical emergencies. Residents are asked to locate their “Window Aid
Placards” and review the instructions located on the front and back. If
you cannot locate or have questions about the use of your placard,
please contact Valerie Gregory, Office of the City Administrator, at
301-725- 5300 ext. 242.

     We encourage residents to make sure that they have adequate
provisions on hand in the event that they need to sustain themselves
and their families through a potential medical crisis. The City will be
providing information and updates regarding the outbreaks on the City
web site at Additional information is included to
help residents prepare for impacts that these outbreaks may cause.

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