Released on November 10, 2009 - 12:14pm
May 07

     On Thursday May 7, 2009 the City of
Laurel held its fourteenth annual employee awards ceremony and luncheon
at the Phelps Senior Citizens Center on Montgomery Street.

     At the ceremony the City recognized the following employees for
their years of service to the City: Michele Blair, Karl Brendle,
Melissa Grumbine, Jonathan Harris, Stephen Ivory, Carreen Koubek, Erik
Lynn, David Maczis, David Reiter, Kim Robinson, Thomas Slater, Yasir
Syed and Gerald Wolfe for completing five years; Harold McCall, John
Szalankiewicz, Nathaniel Taylor and Donald Winstead for completing ten
years; Gary Fairall, Robert Reed and Timothy van der Vossen for
completing 15 years; Denise Blackwell and Randy Snearly for completing
20 years; Kimberley Rau for completing 25 years, Eugene Bates and
Robert Ferree for completing 30 years; and Donald Rutherford for
completing 35 years of service.

     This year the City’s Risk Management Committee recognized 24
employees who have observed safe work habits on the job and remained
accident free for six months, 17 remained accident free for 12 months,
15 remained accident free for 18 months, 12 remained accident free for
24 months and 100 employees remained accident free since the program
began 30 months ago. Each eligible full time employee received a
certificate and $25 and eligible part-time employees received a
certificate and $15 for their efforts to enhance and promote safety. 

     The City’s Team Achievement Award is established to recognize
those employee teams who have made a significant contribution to their
Department or to the City. This year two teams were recognized. The
first group of Lou Ann Crook and Kimberley Rau each received a
certificate and a check for $100 for their efforts representing the
Mayor and City Council at the General Assembly. The second group of
Capt. Keith Mapp, Lt. Patrick Bray, Sgt. James Brooks Sgt. Walter King,
Sgt. Erik Lynn, Cpl. Stephen Ivory, Cpl. Anthony Miskovish, Cpl. Beth
Thomas, Cpl. Donald Winstead, MPO Jeffrey VanCleave, PFC Teddy Bell,
PFC Bradley DiPietro, Off. Andrew Derouin, PCS Bethany Gansor, and
Animal Warden Clifton Noland, all members of the Police Department,
each received a certificate and a check for $100 for their efforts
which lead to the identification, capture and arrest of a murder

     There was also special recognition of Greg Williams, Eugene Toms
and Micheal Tester in the form of a certificate and a check for $100
for extinguishing a vehicle fire at Fourth Street and Greenhill Avenue
and rescuing its occupants. 

     The Meritorious Service Award is intended to go to those employees
who have distinguished themselves by making a significant contribution
to their Department, to the City or to co-workers during the year. This
year five employees were recognized with a plaque and a check for $250. 

     Michael Kirk, who is an Equipment Operator in the Public Works
Department, was honored for his role in clearing catch basins and
applying pavement markings. Alexandra Curto, Administrative Assistant
in the Department of Public Works was recognized for the numerous
telephone calls from the public praising her special efforts to
research and provide information on services provided by the City and
other agencies. Cpl. Beth Thomas was honored for her efforts to collect
and process evidence in the May 2008 murder investigation and her
personal initiative to obtain DNA analysis which tied the suspect to
the crime. Carreen Koubek Community Services Officer in the Office of
the City Administrator received an award for hers efforts regarding the
digital signage project. Yasir Syed, Systems Analyst in the Department
of Information Technology, was recognized for his work on a sensitive,
major revision to software the City uses.

     The Employee of the Year Award is established to promote
excellence in public service and recognize those employees who,
throughout the year, have displayed the highest standards of
performance and conduct. This year five employees were each recognized
with a plaque and a check for $500. 

     Patrick Walsh, Code Enforcement Specialist in the Department of
Community Planning and Business Services was honored for his tenacious
approach to gathering information, resolving resident problems and
explaining why the City codes are enforced.

     Lisa Woods, the City’s Accounts Payable Clerk in the Department of
Budget and Personnel Services was recognized for her efforts to work
with City vendors to streamline the bill-paying process where possible
using web-based invoicing and for her work with other departments to
train them in report writing and fixed assets.

     PFC Mark Schmidt is an officer in the Police Department, but his
history with the City includes participation in the Citizens Police
Academy and the Academy Alumni Association. He was honored for his
outstanding character, integrity and enthusiasm for his position and
his co-workers 

     Antonius Hallmark, Project Inspector in the Department of Public
Works, was honored for his initiative, willingness and ability to take
on new assignments and projects throughout the year.

     Bryan Lau, Application Specialist in the Department of Information
Technology, was recognized for his technical expertise and
understanding of the City’s critical software and for his work on
police mobile computers and document management.

     The Kristie M. Mills Leadership Award was awarded to Robert
Ferree, the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works for his
efforts to find the best possible price on fleet equipment purchases
and for his leadership during emergency operations of his department.
For his efforts Mr. Ferree received a plaque and a check for $300. 

     The City’s highest honor, the Mayor’s Award, went to Lt. Carl
DeWalt for his unfailing support of the City and the Police Department,
for his special efforts for the City’s youth and the Special Olympics
program, and his steadfast support of his co-workers. For his
invaluable efforts Lt. DeWalt received a plaque and a check for $1,000.

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