Released on November 10, 2009 - 1:13pm
Jul 22

     Mayor Craig A. Moe would like to call
to the attention of Laurel homeowners to Governor Martin O’Malley’s
Home Weatherization Program.

     Mayor Moe shares
Governor O’Malley’s pride that this weatherization project is among the
first in the United States to be funded through the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act. The Maryland Home Weatherization Program is
designed to benefit Maryland low-income families throughout the State.
It will be managed by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community
Development. The Program will provide a maximum of $6,500 in
weatherization related services such as air infiltration reduction,
insulation, hot water system improvements, lighting retrofits and
furnace repairs or improvements. To qualify for weatherization
assistance, families must have household incomes below 200 percent of
the poverty level, or 60 percent median income.

     Mayor Moe encourages all who may qualify to contact their Local
Energy Office by calling 800-638-7781 or through Maryland’s assistance
website, [email protected].

     Mayor Moe
stated no one should be cold in their own home, or be subject to high
utility bills. Mayor Moe hopes this program will bring positive results
to those who need this assistance in the Laurel Community.

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