Released on November 10, 2009 - 3:29pm
Aug 25

The Mayor and City Council of Laurel have been notified that the
Board of Public Works of the State of Maryland will impose cuts to the
FY2010 State Operating Budget.  The State’s cuts will impact local
government budgets.  The City of Laurel Highway User Revenue (HUR) will
be reduced by 58.6%, which calculates to $432,024.  HUR is a direct
revenue source for the City of Laurel Department of Public Works Street
Maintenance.  This reduction is 90% of the Street Maintenance budget. 
State Aid for Police Protection (SAPP) will be reduced by 31.2%, which
calculates to $121,637.  SAPP provides an offset to police-related
expenditures.  These reductions combined are 2% of the total FY2010
City of Laurel General Operating Budget and equal to 2 cents of the
City of Laurel real property tax rate.


The Administration will work with the City Council
to review City programs and make the necessary adjustments to keep the
City of Laurel FY2010 General Operating Budget balanced as required by
the City of Laurel Charter.  These cuts are being made less than 2
months into the new fiscal year.

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