Released on November 10, 2009 - 4:58pm
Oct 06

     The Riverfront Park extension is
nearing completion! Mayor Craig A. Moe is pleased to announce the
majority of the 450 ft. extension of the park path is finished. The
addition to the park is mainly from the Patuxent River and B Street to
the river and just east of A Street. The additional path includes
benches and trash receptacles. Additional amenities include a drinking
fountain at Casula Point for people and pets. Mayor Moe adds that
interpretive signage will soon be installed in the entire park that
will provide information about the historic features of the Patuxent
River as it relates to Laurel’s development. There will also be
interpretive signs providing information on the park habitat. Mayor Moe
anticipates the entire project should be completed in November. For
additional information, please contact the Department of Parks and
Recreation at 301-725-7800.

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