Released on November 12, 2009 - 10:03am
Oct 06

     Mayor Craig A. Moe would like the
citizens of Laurel to know that one of Laurel's own was honored in a
ceremony on September 29, 2009 in Washington, D.C. marking the close of
National Preparedness Month. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet
Napolitano, recognized 3 deserving volunteers in the Metro area for
their diligent volunteer work. Laurel resident, Jane Flemion, was one
of those deserving volunteers. Ms. Flemion, not one to like the
spotlight shined on her, has said that while honored by the
recognition, she attended the ceremony representing all the volunteers
of Laurel who give unselfishly of their time to make Laurel a better
place to work, live and play.
     Ms. Flemion not only volunteers
for the Laurel 4th of July Committee, but also maintains membership in
the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, the City of Laurel Community
Emergency Response Team and the City of Laurel Citizens Police Academy
Alumni (Volunteers in Policing). 
     She was recently appointed by Mayor Craig A. Moe as the City’s
Volunteer Coordinator, a volunteer position whose responsibility it is
to maintain the records of the entire City’s First Responder
Volunteers, recruitment of City volunteers and assists in training
activities for all of the aforementioned organizations. 
     Ms. Flemion’s dedication to her responsibilities as a volunteer
have earned her the 2008 Presidential Volunteer Award for hours served
and numerous awards and recognitions from her peers and co-workers. Her
tireless dedication has enabled the City of Laurel to provide
well-trained volunteers to help the career First Responders in times of
emergencies. She is an extremely valuable resource for the City of
Laurel and a tireless volunteer for the residents of Laurel.

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