Released on January 7, 2010 - 2:34pm
Dec 18

     Mayor Craig A. Moe has announced the dedication of the City of Laurel Emergency Operations Center by naming it the Martin A. Flemion Emergency Operations Center in honor of Deputy City Administrator/Emergency Service Director Marty Flemion.

     Mayor Moe described the appropriateness of this action because of all Mr. Flemion has done to improve and enhance City emergency services; his role in the creation of the City of Laurel Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT); and his extensive training in this area that allows him to teach emergency preparedness classes not only in the City of Laurel but throughout the State of Maryland.  In addition to this, Mr. Flemion brought national attention to the City with the success of the pandemic H1N1 drill that involved hundreds of volunteers and residences to prepare the City and emergency service providers with real time experience to develop best practices in serving residences during a pandemic flu situation.  Mr. Flemion is currently serving on the Maryland Municipal League Ad Hoc Committee to assist in the development and provision of emergency services in Maryland cities.

     Mayor Moe stated that Mr. Flemion has a strong and dedicated background in public service and volunteerism in addition to his municipal government career of 33 years with the City of Laurel.  Mr. Flemion is well known to most of the Citizens of Laurel who have benefited from his services.

     Mayor Moe described the naming of the Martin A. Flemion Emergency Operations Center as a small tribute in comparison to all that Mr. Flemion has done and accomplished for the City of Laurel.

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December 18, 2009
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