Released on October 28, 2010 - 9:01am
Oct 14

The City of Laurel has announced that it will not be working with Viridian Renewable Energy to provide electricity savings to City of Laurel residents and businesses.  Viridian representatives had contacted the City to solicit enrollees via the City’s web site.  In exchange for this accommodation, Viridian representatives stated it would compensate the City with $2 per month per enrolled meter.  Viridian had advised it prefers to partner with local governments and non-profit organizations for enrollment assistance because it does not market its product, nor does it require its end-users to commit to a contract.

When first contacted by Viridian, the City was interested in the revenue sharing portion of its proposal.  It was explained to Staff, and again during the public Mayor and City Council meetings, that Viridian would provide the City with $2 per month per enrolled meter.   As the paperwork went through its process, it was explained to the City that the $2 per month was contingent upon 500 kwh usage per month by the enrollee.  The 500 kwh was never mentioned prior to this.  There were other issues within the agreement that were able to be resolved, but this one item became a sticking point with both Viridian and the City.  When Viridian stated it could not remove the 500 kwh from its agreement, the City and Viridian decided to no longer pursue this arrangement.

The Cty’s only interest in Viridian was the revenue sharing provision it offered.  The City of Laurel encourages Laurel’s citizens and businesses to carefully consider the electricity providers available to them and to make the choice that best fits their needs.  At this time, the City has no plans to partner with any other electricity providers.

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October 14, 2010
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