Released on October 28, 2010 - 9:16am
Oct 21

Mayor Craig A. Moe has announced his position regarding the best location for a public library in the City of Laurel.  In making his decision, he stated foremost in importance is keeping the public library facility in the City where access and history to the library speaks volumes.  He noted that the Stanley Memorial Library, named after Charles H. Stanley, a City Cmmissioner (1880-1882), member of the House of Delegates (1883-1885), the second Mayor of Laurel (1891-1893), and the 22nd State of Maryland Comptroller (1911-1912).  The library located at Seventh Street and Talbott Avenue, is among the most heavily used in the Prince George’s County Library system.

Mayor Moe thanked the BOLD (“Bring Our Library Downtown”) membership for its work in studying the impact of libraries on downtown areas, and for keeping this matter at optimum attention.  Mayor Moe also thanked the many citizens who contacted him wanting to keep the library at its current location.  BOLD’s efforts allowed the value of the library’s current location to be measured concurrent with a proposed new Main Street area location.  It is evident that the library’s current location is a vital component of its neighborhood and contributes greatly to the immediate community.

Mayor Moe stated he will support and work tirelessly to maintain the library at Seventh Street and Talbott Avenue with improvements to the library and community area in which it stands.  He has given this matter serious thought; and talked with many people, including area residents and supporters of both locations. The current library location has served the City and the Greater Laurel Area very well.  Not only is it central to the City, it is at the center of the Greater Laurel Area.  It also very nicely complements Emancipation Park.  Mayor Moe stated the current location was not without its challenges, but with the acquisition of additional property and allowing the library to become a two-story structure, the current location can continue to be a valuable asset to the City, and maintain its convenience to the thousands of people who use it on a regular basis.  Mayor Moe stated this could be done with minimal impact to Emancipation Park and minimal impact to proposed construction budgets.

Mayor Moe said he would meet with County officials to discuss his proposal, adding he will work with County and library officials to keep the Library in Laurel and at Seventh Street and Talbott Avenue.  Mayor Moe has provided his position to the Laurel Grove community leadership, BOLD leadership and to the Friends of the Laurel Library.

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October 21, 2010
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