Released on January 25, 2011 - 12:29pm
Jan 10

Mayor Craig A. Moe and Police Chief Richard McLaughlin announced the addition of several more speed cameras that are now a part of the City’s automated speed enforcement program. The program which provides automated enforcement in residential areas with speed limits of 35 mph or less and school zones no matter what the posted speed limit.

Mayor Craig A. Moe stated, “Safety is always a top priority in the City of Laurel and adding speed cameras will enhance our ability to protect our citizens from aggressive driving behaviors and assist us in enforcing traffic laws.” 

The speed cameras are portable and placed in areas where data indicates there are speeding problems in areas heavily utilized by pedestrians, particularly in areas designated as school zones.

These locations are both directions of Cherry Lane in front of the Laurel High School, both directions of 7th Street between Main and Montgomery Streets, adjacent to the rear of St. Mary’s Elementary School, and early next week on the South-bound side of Dorset Road between Woodbine Drive and the entrance to Scotchtown Hills Elementary School.  

The fine for violating the posted speed limit is $40.00 for each violation.  Violators traveling 12 miles over the posted speed limit will activate the speed camera which will result in a violation notice being issued via the US Mail.  All violators may pay the fine or request a court date to contest violation notices. 

Police Chief Richard McLaughlin stated, “It is not our intent to just issue tickets, but to make our streets safer.”  For more information, please contact the Public Information Officer, James Collins at 301-725-5300 ext. 2244.

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January 10, 2011
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