Released on February 19, 2011 - 4:30pm
Feb 19
Mayor Craig A. Moe and Emergency Services Director, Martin Flemion, are informing the public of a potential emergency situation. A four-alarm brush/forest fire, just west of the City of Laurel, has the potential to require evacuations in and around the City.  High winds are complicating the efforts of first responders to control the fires.  Resources from all over the metro area are working hard to contain this fire.  The City of Laurel has opened their Emergency Operations Center to stay on top of the situation. 
Emergency personnel are monitoring the winds in an attempt to determine a potential path. At this time, we have been told that it could head in any direction. The City will keep in touch with emergency personnel in the field so that we can be better prepared to notify the public, if necessary.
This situation has resulted in the closure of Interstate 95 in both directions, just outside of Laurel, which has created a traffic bottleneck situation on Route 1, Route 198 and Route 216 in the City of Laurel. At this time, Mayor Moe is asking that travelers in this area stay away from the City of Laurel to help alleviate the traffic situation.
The City of Laurel has their Public Works, Parks and Recreation staff, the Laurel Citizen Police Academy Alumni and Community Emergency Response Team working with area first responders to help in this situation.
As we become aware of any new information, we will use all resources available to us to get the word out.  Please monitor the news and radio to assist you in being ready.
For Immediate Release
February 19, 2011
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