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May 13

On Thursday May 12, 2011 the City of Laurel held its sixteenth annual employee awards ceremony and luncheon at the Laurel Municipal Center.

At the ceremony the City recognized the following employees for their years of service to the City: Marcus Colbert, Bruce Cole, Tracy Conway, Alexandra Curto, PFC Robert DiPietro, Kevin Frost, Sara Green, Paul Johnston, Juan Padilla, Sandra Pritchard, Cpl. Beth Thomas, Patrick Walsh, Garry Weese and Lisa Woods for completing five years; Becky Fansler, Patricia Haag, John Koss, Clifton Noland and Wylie Thompkins for completing ten years; Jodi Truax, PFC Theresa Kelliher, Andrew Penkala, Michele Saylor, Cpl. John Sims and Capt. Constance Speake for completing 15 years; Anthony Snowden and Luther Williams for completing 20 years; Major Robert Althoff, Bill Bailey and Capt. Carl DeWalt for completing 25 years, and Lawrence Miller for completing 30 years of service.

This year the City’s Risk Management Committee recognized 12 employees who have observed safe work habits on the job and remained accident free for six months, 11 remained accident free for 12 months, 9 remained accident free for 18 months, 6 remained accident free for 24 months, 14 remained accident free for 30 months, 15 remained accident free for 36 months, 11 remained accident free for 42 months,  10 remained accident free for 48 months and 83 remained accident free since the program began 54 months ago. Each eligible full time employee received a certificate and $25 and eligible part-time employees received a certificate and $15 for their efforts to enhance and promote safety.

The City’s Team Achievement Award is established to recognize those employee teams who have made a significant contribution to their Department or to the City. This year two teams were recognized. The first group of Bruce Cole, Morris Dotson, Tom Gaylor, Antonius Hallmark, Brian Hutchinson, Steven Jones, Erik Kelsey, Carson Lowman, Larry Miller, Charlie Nickell, Steve Odette, Jimmy Smith, Tony Snowden, Bryon White, Greg Williams, and Clayton Wright each received a certificate and a check for $100 for their contributions to the construction of a pedestrian/bike path connecting Cherry Lane to the paths at Gude Lake. The second group of James Cornwell-Shiel, Mark Freeman, Bryan Lau, Dave Maczis, Mahapara Sartaj and Yasir Syed each received a certificate and a check for $100 for their contributions to the technology build-out of the new Police station. Employee efforts on each of these projects saved the City many thousands of dollars over contracting the work outside.

The Meritorious Service Award is intended to go to those employees who have distinguished themselves by making a significant contribution to their Department, to the City or to co-workers during the year. This year five employees were recognized with a plaque and a check for $250.

Adam Miller, the Facility Maintenance Technician in the Parks and Recreation Department, was honored for his efforts to customize and prepare the new Barkman-Kaiser Public Safety Complex for occupancy by the Police Department. 

Denise Ross, the Fiscal Clerk in the Department of Budget and Personnel Services, was recognized for her efforts to coordinate the various City departments in updating the Record Retention Schedule.

PFC Erik Saleneiks was honored for his special efforts to apprehend a suspect in the act of committing a burglary.

Carson Lowman, a Crew Leader in the Department of Public Works received an award for his efforts to aid a disabled resident who had become stranded when his wheelchair lost a tire.

Bryan Lau, Application Specialist in the Department of Information Technology, was recognized for his considerable efforts to implement a change in the City’s telephone system, first to the new Police Station and then City wide.

The Employee of the Year Award is established to promote excellence in public service and recognize those employees who, throughout the year, have displayed the highest standards of performance and conduct. This year four employees were each recognized with a plaque and a check for $500.

Donald Jaworski, Automotive Mechanic in the Department of Public Works was honored for             his skill and positive attitude in maintaining the City’s trucks and snow removal equipment.

PFC Clayton Ammerman, an officer in the Police Department, was honored for his excellent work in patrol work and is actively developing those skills through special assignments and training.  

Sara Green, Office Manager in the Department of Community Planning and Business Services, was recognized for her varied efforts in meeting the demands of economic growth and renewed business activity in the City.

Bryon White, City Engineer in the Department of Public Works, was honored for his role in overseeing the day to day project management of the renovation of the Barkman-Kaiser Public Safety Complex.

The Kristie M. Mills Leadership Award was awarded to Michael Lhotsky, Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, for his leadership in taking on the operations and maintenance of the new Barkman-Kaiser Public Safety Complex and his leadership in the acquisition and renovation of a new property that will house the maintenance division of his department. For his efforts Mr. Lhotsky received a plaque and a check for $300.

The City’s highest honor, the Mayor’s Award, went to Michele Saylor , Director of Budget and Personnel Services, for her skills and foresight in the face of the economic issues affecting the City’s finances. The last two budget cycles have been particularly difficult, but with her skills and abilities the City has been able to maintain a good financial footing. In one proposal in particular the City was able to reduce the impact on the 2012 budget by $1.5 million. For her efforts Ms. Saylor received a plaque and a check for $1,000.


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