Released on June 2, 2011 - 2:26pm
Jun 01
A pedestrian was struck and killed as he walked across Route 198 near Route 197 not using a crosswalk. The victim, identified as Charles Tate, 73, of Laurel, was pronounced dead at the scene by medics. The driver of the 2007 Ford Focus, identified as Allen Lord of Laurel, was traveling west bound on Route 198 when he struck the victim. The driver did stop after the accident and remained on the scene. The investigation is continuing and no charges have been filed.

Over the past years, numerous traffic and pedestrian accidents have occurred in or near this intersection. Mayor Craig Moe of the City of Laurel and Police Chief Richard McLaughlin continue to educate the public on the use of crosswalks, continue to enforce speed violations and have installed Red Light cameras to help the Laurel Police improve on public safety. It is imperative that everyone who uses these roadways obey all traffic and crosswalk laws to prevent this type of incident from occurring. 


For Immediate Release
June 1, 2011
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