Released on September 29, 2011 - 2:24pm
Sep 26

Mayor Craig A. Moe is pleased to announce that the American Public Works Association (APWA), an international educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies, and individuals dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services, has conferred on Laurel’s Director of Public Works, Paul McCullagh, the designation of Public Works Leadership Fellow. Mr. McCullagh came to work for the City of Laurel after completing a very distinguished career in both the Civil Engineer Corps of the US Navy and as a senior executive in the corporate world.  Mr. McCullagh is the first public works official to receive this designation from the state of Maryland.

Originally chartered in 1937, APWA is the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world, with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, an office in Washington, D.C., and 63 chapters throughout North America.  APWA provides a forum in which public works professionals can exchange ideas, improve professional competency, increase the performance of their agencies and companies, and bring important public works-related topics to public attention in local, state and federal arenas. Mr. McCullagh is on the Board of Directors for the Virginia/DC/Maryland Chapter of the APWA.

The association is a highly participatory organization, with hundreds of opportunities for leadership and service, and a network of several dozen national committees in every area of public works. Governed by a 17-member board of directors, elected at both the regional and national levels, APWA is an open, flexible association with a diversified membership of 28,000 and a reputation for quality services and products. Congratulations to Mr. McCullagh on becoming Maryland’s first Public Works Leadership Fellow.

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