Released on October 25, 2011 - 12:47pm
Oct 25
Mayor Craig A. Moe is pleased to report that the long wait for the redevelopment of the Laurel Mall will soon be over. At the Mayor and City Council meeting, Mr. Brian Gibbons, principal with the firm of Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, provided the Mayor and City Council with an update on the progress of the redevelopment of the property into Laurel Town Centre. Mr. Gibbons reported that he was in receipt of an approved demolition permit from the City of Laurel, and storm water approval from Prince George’s County for the removal of the mall’s front parking deck, which he predicted to occur in about two to three weeks.
Mr. Gibbons also reported to the City that leasing was very strong, with a least two anchor tenants signing on, and final negotiations with about three others. Mr. Gibbons confirmed that Greenberg Gibbons has signed a deal with a nationally known theater provider to be an integral part of Laurel Town Centre. Noting the City’s long wait for this development to commence, he stated he shared that sentiment strongly.  While only being involved for about eight months on this project, Greenberg Gibbons is anxious to start, noting that demolition of the remainder of the existing complex will follow the removal of the front parking deck early in 2012.
Mayor Moe and the City Council pledged every assistance to help start the commencement of this long awaited project.
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