Released on February 24, 2012 - 3:24pm
Feb 24

Mayor Craig A. Moe has joined Council President pro tem Frederick Smalls to pursue the feasibility of a Community Garden in the City of Laurel.  Laurel residents have indicated a desire to see the City sponsor a Community Garden.

Council President pro tem Smalls stated in response to residents’ request, he is asking the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Committee to review the requirements for a Community Garden, and determine where in the City one may be placed.  In addition to location, other factors included in the evaluation will be the size of an available garden plot, the costs involved, a fee structure, and rules and regulations for participation.

Council President pro tem Smalls has stated it is his goal to resolve all issues to have a Community Garden in place for the 2013 spring planting season.  Persons participating in the Community Garden will be able to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and possibly wood products or native or ornamental plants for non-commercial purposes.

Mayor Moe shares Council President pro tem Smalls’ interest in establishing a Community Garden and has promised his support to work together to make this a reality.  Persons interested in following the process through the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Committee are encouraged to contact the Department at 301-725-5300, Ext. 2304, for meeting schedules.  Additional information will be posted on the City’s Parks and Recreation web site,, and on Facebook and Twitter.


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