Released on March 9, 2012 - 8:57am
Mar 09

        Mayor Craig A. Moe announced that the City of Laurel Annual Report for 2011 is available on the City’s web site,      Mayor Craig A. Moe stated he is pleased to share with the Citizens of Laurel an easy to read synopsis of actions and accomplishments for 2011.  In the Annual Report, Mayor Moe has included a message from the Laurel City Council, a brief history of the City, and shares his pride in the men and women of the City’s dedicated work force and their cost-saving efforts to provide the best in city services to the taxpayers of Laurel.

        The City of Laurel Annual Report for 2011 also includes the many accomplishments of each distinct department of City government, and the divisions that comprise the Administration activities.  It presents the variety of activities each are involved in.  Mayor Moe stated he is pleased with the comprehensive approach the departments take to provide the best in municipal government services.

        Mayor Craig A. Moe stated his thanks to residents and business owners who have expressed their appreciation and support for his “GOVERNMENT TO THE PEOPLE” program and has pledged to continue to find new ways to reach the taxpayers of Laurel with information on the activities of their local government.  Mayor Moe encourages everyone to read the “Annual Report – Highlights of 2011”, and to contact him with their suggestions to continue to make the City of Laurel a great place to live, work, and play.
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