Released on April 30, 2012 - 9:01am
Apr 30

Ward One Councilmember H. Edwards Ricks has announced he will undergo surgery to remove a cancerous lesion on his left kidney.  A Left Laparoscopic Nephrectomy is scheduled for mid-May at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.  A hospital stay is anticipated for several days.

Councilmember Ricks stated the cancer was discovered early.  He said is pleased with his prognosis and looks forward to a complete recovery.  At this point, radiation or chemotherapy follow-up treatments have not been scheduled.  However, as is the case with most cancer diagnoses, follow-up monitoring will take place through the next several years as determined by his physicians.

Councilmember Ricks said he paid attention to what his body was telling him – that something was not right – and quickly saw his physician.  It was this quick reaction that allowed the cancer to be detected early.  The earlier cancer is found, the better the diagnosis and prognosis.  Councilmember Ricks encourages everyone to establish a routine health examination regimen and regular medical checkups.  And if something doesn’t feel right, look right, or is just troublesome, he encourages everyone to seek medical care as soon as practical.  He said good health care starts with each one of us.

Councilmember Ricks has plans in place that will allow him to work from home and to be in touch regularly with Mayor Moe, his Council colleagues, and the Clerk’s Office.  He expects his absence from City Hall will be minimal; and he will actively serve the Citizens of the City of Laurel through his recovery.

Councilmember Ricks expressed his appreciation for the prayers, well wishes, and support he has received.  He looks forward to the successful surgery and quick recovery.

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