Released on June 29, 2012 - 3:39pm
Jun 29

Mayor Craig A. Moe has received reports from residents that well-dressed individuals are coming to doors and informing residents that Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BG&E) over charged them on their gas and electric bills and they are due refunds. These individuals are requesting to come into the homes to check the meters and then requesting use of their home phones and after they have checked, the residents would receive a refund check.

Mayor Moe wants to remind the community that BG&E does not come to your door without notice nor request to enter your home or use your telephone. Mayor Moe asks that if these individuals knock on your door, please call the BG&E customer service line, 800-685-0123, and inform them of the incident. However, Mayor Moe asks that if these individuals come to your door and you have any concerns, please call the Laurel Police non-emergency number 301-498-0092.  If for any reason you feel threatened, please call the Laurel Police Emergency number 301-725-3000.
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