Released on July 2, 2012 - 9:32am
Jul 02

Mayor Craig A. Moe, per the Code of the City of Laurel, has declared a State of Municipal Emergency to exist within the corporate boundaries of the City of Laurel as a result of the serious storm that occurred on June 29. 2012. The City has encountered serious and wide spread damage from downed trees, downed electrical lines and loss of electric service to large areas of the City along with record heat and humidity endangering the health and safety of the residents of the City. In addition, serious damage to City and BG&E infrastructure and equipment has been reported. The State of Emergency shall continue until Mayor Moe and the City Council determine that the circumstances causing this State of Municipal Emergency have ended.

Mayor Moe has continued to designate the Laurel Armory Anderson-Murphy Community Center, 422 Montgomery Street, and the Robert J. DiPietro Community Center, 7901 Cypress Street, as Cooling Centers. Both centers are now open and have water and air conditioning along with charging capabilities for electronics. Due to regulations, only service animals will be allowed to enter the cooling centers.

The Laurel Municipal Pool, located at the end of Main Street, will open at 11:00am to help provide relief from the heat.

Mayor Moe asks that if you have an emergency, please call the Laurel Police Department at 301-725-3000 or dial 911. Again, Mayor Moe appreciates your patience and the City will continue to provide residents with information as it becomes available.
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