Released on October 22, 2012 - 3:44pm
Oct 22

The City of Laurel was a founding member of the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce’s (BWCC) first Electricity Purchasing Cooperative in 2004, which was developed for the BWCC by CQI Associates of Columbia, MD.

The City of Laurel purchases commercial electricity for 33 accounts in accordance with the State of Maryland’s de-regulation legislation which permits customer choice. 

The total reduction in the City of Laurel’s electricity supply service costs for the past five years has been $197,335 when compared to the utility standard offer service rate. The savings is the equivalent to one year’s annual cost for the City’s electricity.

Mayor Craig A. Moe said, “This is a perfect example of a public/ private partnership that has served the citizens and businesses of Laurel by reducing costs and improving the bottom line.  We are very happy with the savings we have achieved.”

The Chamber program combines the purchasing power of the members to achieve competitive pricing which has constantly provided savings and budget stability since 2004. The BWCC, through CQI Associates, now offers both commercial and residential purchasing programs for both electricity and natural gas through programs for BWCC members and their employees.

Walt Townshend, CEO of the BWCC said, “Our core focus is to help our members grow their business and solve business problems.  Utility costs are a major component of the costs of business—and government.  We are honored to have the City of Laurel as a member and participant, and very pleased to work with CQI Associates, which has a national reputation for energy management and purchasing.”
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