Released on March 19, 2013 - 1:45pm
Mar 19

Mayor Craig A. Moe has been made aware that WSSC has issued a MANDATORY Water restriction for all Prince George's County customers. This is due to the 54-inch water transmission main break that occurred in Chevy Chase at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Lake Drive in Montgomery County. The break occurred at approximately 8:00 p.m. Monday evening and resulted in a geyser shooting approximately 30 feet high.  The mandatory water restrictions are necessary to allow the system to replenish while the 54-inch pipe is repaired. An estimated 60-million gallons of water was lost.  

  • Use water only as necessary  i.e., shorter showers and turn off faucets after washing hands and while brushing teeth;  
  • Limit flushing toilets (do not flush after every use);  
  • Put off washing clothes if possible;  
  • Limit the use of dishwashers and wash only full loads.  

These mandatory water restrictions apply to all WSSC customers, residential and business, in Prince Georges and Montgomery counties. A violation carries a fine of up to $500 fine.  

Mayor Moe recommends if you want more information, please log on to the WSSC website at or call the WSSC Call Center at 301-206-4002.

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