Released on May 10, 2013 - 3:34pm
May 10

Mayor Craig A Moe is proud to announce that on Thursday May 9, 2013 the City of Laurel held its eighteenth annual employee awards ceremony and luncheon at the Partnership Activity Center.


At the ceremony the City recognized the following employees for their years of service to the City: Cpl. Imtiaz Alli, Lisa Anson, Cpl. Charles Boswell, PFC Scott Craiger, PFC Rodrigo Crisostomo, PFC Andrew Derouin, Catherine Fletcher, Antonius Hallmark, PFC Kezzi Henderson, Steven Jones II, George Kirk, Bryan Lau, Theresa Lewis, Denise Ross, PFC Erik Salenieks and Eugene Toms for completing five years; Kristie Mills, Paul McCullagh and Gena Wade for completing ten years; Capt. Patrick Bray for completing fifteen years; Cpl. Donald Parker and Melanie Wieringa for completing 20 years; Charles Booker and Sgt. Jonathan Craig for completing 25 years; and Michael Greene for completing 35 years of service.


This year the City’s Risk Management Committee recognized 17 employees who have observed safe work habits on the job and remained accident free for six months, 7 remained accident free for 12 months, 9 remained accident free for 18 months, 7 remained accident free for 24 months, 9 remained accident free for 30 months, 10 remained accident free for 36 months, 4 remained accident free for 42 months,  4 remained accident free for 48 months, 6 remained accident free for 54 months, 10 remained accident free for 60 months, 8 remained accident free for 66 months, 4 remained accident free for 72 months,  6 remained accident free for 78 months and 76 remained accident free since the program began 7 years ago. Each eligible full time employee received a certificate and $25 and eligible part-time employees received a certificate and $15 for their efforts to enhance and promote safety.


The City’s Team Achievement Award was established to recognize those employee teams who have made significant contributions to their Department or to the City. This year two teams were recognized. The first group of Michael Eichorn, Christy Fang, Antonius Hallmark, Mike Kirk, Charlie Nickell, Tony Snowden and Clayton Wright each received a certificate and a check for $100 for their contributions as a team to enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety by designing and implementing pavement markings for newly acquired and potentially hazardous roadways.

The second group consisting of Joanne Barr, Bill Bailey, Robin Cooch, Gena Wade, Danny Miller and Steve Odette were honored for their collective response to the derecho emergency last July during which they saved thousands of dollars worth of refrigerated food, maintained the City’s pools to assure a prompt opening after restoration of power and provided aid to residents without power in the form of cooling stations and food. For their efforts they each received a certificate and a check for $100.


The Meritorious Service Award is intended to go to those employees who have distinguished themselves by making a significant contribution to their Department, to the City or to co-workers during the year. This year five employees were recognized with a plaque and a check for $250.


Jennifer Volack, the Animal Warden/Parking Enforcement Officer in the Police Department, was honored for her efforts to incorporate and promote the Trap-Neuter-Release program and the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her assignments.

Richard Blankenship, a Code Enforcement Specialist in the Department of Community Planning and Business Services, was recognized for his special efforts for citizens that were acclaimed in two separate commendations received from members of the public.

PFC Marcus Currie, a member of the Police Department, was honored for his dedication and devotion to the Department and to the City as displayed by his initiative to take training and become certification in three specialized areas and leading the department in criminal arrests.

Brian Hutchinson, a Crew Leader in the Department of Public Works received an award for his efforts to maintain the safety of City trees in the public rights-of-way, particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  

Yasir Syed, Systems Analyst in the Department of Information Technology, was recognized for his considerable efforts in the technical management of the City’s computer network. His efforts were estimated to have saved the City $30-40,000 if performed by an outside consultant.


The Employee of the Year Award is established to promote excellence in public service and recognize those employees who, throughout the year, have displayed the highest standards of performance and conduct. This year five employees were each recognized and each received a plaque and a check for $500.


Donald Jaworski, an Automotive Mechanic in the Department of Public Works was honored for his skill as a diesel mechanic and for consistently quickly diagnosing and accurately resolving multiple problems, especially under the added stress of emergency operations.                  

Lisa Woods, a Fiscal Specialist in the Department of Budget and Personnel Services, was selected for her efforts to streamline the process of paying vendors through the use of web-based payment processing.

PFC Aaron Waddell, an officer in the Police Department, was honored for his special efforts in traffic enforcement and his role in apprehending suspects that later admitted to a robbery in which a person was shot.

Bonnie Ducote, Recreation Program Specialist in the Department of Parks and Recreation, was selected for the special efforts and creative thinking she has applied to the City’s classes and events, and particularly to the marketing and advertising of the programs.  

James Cornwell-Shiel, Webmaster in the Department Information Technology was honored for his work to integrate radio GPS signals and adding symbology to the City’s Tandem Emergency Response Platform (TERP).


The Kristie M. Mills Leadership Award was awarded to Michele Saylor, Director of Budget and Personnel Services, for the leadership she has provided to her department and establishing and maintaining multiple accounts to add greater accountability and transparency in the City’s finances. In recognition Ms. Saylor received a plaque and a check for $300.

The City’s highest honor, the Mayor’s Award, went to Richard McLaughlin, Chief of the Laurel Police Department. In the presentation Mayor Moe cited Chief McLaughlin’s long-standing and continuous dedication and service to the City, the Laurel Police Department and to the diverse community that is Laurel. For his efforts Chief McLaughlin received a plaque and a check for $1,000.

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