Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm



TUESDAY – JUNE 21, 2022– 6:00 P.M. - REGULAR



*This meeting will be conducted virtually through Zoom*


PLEASE NOTE: The public wishing to speak on any items are asked to register for the Zoom meeting information at by 3:00 p.m. the day of the meeting


  1. Roll Call.


  1. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on May 17, 2022.


  1. HDC-2022-0137 for 425 Prince George Street submitted by Michael Sciscenti, The applicant is seeking approval to install a fence on the property. The proposed fence will be 3.5 feet in height and will be located in the rear of the property along the existing driveway. The proposed fence is picket style in white color, comprised of vinyl material.


  1. HDC-2022-0143 for 916 Montgomery Street, submitted by Rose Ogbonna, the Applicant is seeking retroactive approval to perform several exterior alterations to the property.  The Applicant received a stop work order.  Applicant is removing and replacing the front walkway and installing an asphalt driveway. Applicant is proposing to install a new concrete driveway on the right side of the property. The driveway will measure 40’ X 20’, replacing the existing worn gravel driveway at the existing apron cut. Applicant is proposing to replace existing stone walkway with a concrete walkway.  The footprint of the new concrete walkway will be the same as the existing.


  1. HDC-2022-0142 for 319 Laurel Avenue submitted by Benjamin Lewis, The Applicant is seeking approval to install an arbor structure over the front walkway. The proposed arbor structure is a New England “Florence” style in white color that measures 24 x 49 x 89.6 inches. Applicant is proposing to place the arbor structure in the front yard over a section of the walkway that leads to the front porch of the house.


  1. HDC-2022-0141 for 406 Laurel Avenue submitted by Benjamin Brady, The Applicant is seeking approval to remove an existing tree and repaint existing front porch stair. Applicant has proposed to remove a tree located in the rear of property.  The tree being removed is a Paw Paw tree.  Applicant is willing to replace tree. Applicant proposes to paint existing front porch stair from light blue to Behr Ultra-Pure White.


  1. HDC-2022-0148 for 407 Laurel Avenue submitted by Alison Farmer, The Applicant is seeking) approval install a driveway in the front yard of the property, and a parking pad in the rear yard of the property. Applicant is proposing to install a 10’ x 20’ asphalt driveway in the front yard of the property. Applicant is proposing to install a 24’ x 30’ asphalt parking pad in the rear yard of the property. The parking pad is intended to be accessible from the public gravel alleyway located on the east side of the property.


Staff Approvals


HDC-2022-0152 for 401 Prince George Street, submitted by Charlene Blankenship, the applicant is seeking approval to install new windows on top floor of house with the “in-kind” white vinyl windows with no grids.


HDC-2022-0146 for 413 Montgomery Street, submitted by Gabriella King, the applicant is seeking approval to scrape peeling paint from metal roof, repaint roof with roof paint, SAME COLOR, GREEN. Also, sand, caulk, and repaint wood around Entrance Porch area, semi-gloss, SAME COLOR, WHITE.


HDC-2022-0155 for 36 Fourth Street, submitted by Gary Horton, the applicant is seeking approval to install new roof architectural style shingles Tru Definition Duration Series Owens Corning in Harbor Blue. The current roof is gray 3 tab. Applicant requested emergency approval and sent photos of damage inside the house. An FMPS inspector also verified the inside damage.


HDC-2022-0156 for 309 Main Street, submitted by Ronald Sargent, the applicant is seeking approval to replace decking on front porch with same pressure treated wood, replace (7) seven white vinyl windows with 6 over 6 grids, repaint building the same green color, replace store signage same colors of green and cream and size for Outback Leather and repair and repaint rear block wall with same white color.


HDC-2022-0122 for 634 Main Street, submitted by Chiquita Graham, the applicant is seeking approval to install a new sign on storefront. The sign will match the uniform Patuxent Place signage in cream and maroon color, size 96 x 12. The message will read “Omorose Salon & Spa.”


  1. Adjourn


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