Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm




TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2020 – 6:00 P.M.




  1. Call to order - Michael R. Leszcz
  2. Revisit approval of Minutes from Tuesday, May 26, 2020
  3. Review Community Survey
  4. Feed Back on Ducket Dam Tour
  5. New Business to come forth
  6. Next Meeting
  7. Adjournment







Attendees: Bill Baily, Kyla Clark, Michael Leszcz, Christian Pulley and Kenya Barno


Motion to approve Minutes from Tuesday, May 26, 2020, made by Kenya Barno, Seconded by Kyla Clark. No objections, Meeting approved.


Good trip to the Ducket Dam, very informative and they were very forth coming.

Don’t think that people know that the dams are both hollow.

Vote on it at the next meeting, consider sending a letter to WSCC congratulating them on removing about five to six feet of silt out of the upper and lowering the dam.

They don’t have it in the plan or capital improvement project to remove the silt that creates additional water capacity for drinking water.

Its important to thank them because they have been good friends to the City of Laurel for the last decade or so.

Community Survey, there is a lot of ways to get this out to the Community.

If this goes on the web page, we would do “Survey Monkey”.

Once the survey is finalized by the Committee. We can get Communications to put it on the website with the link for the individuals to fill it out. Then promote it on social media.

We will talk about the Survey, revise it if necessary, vote on it next month.

We are in tough shape in the City, been working with Steve Allen on the Revenue and Expenditures because of the virus. We are not operating in the “red” we are just in tough shape. 

Sending Survey Monkey Electronically was suggested (better for the environment) this will also help with people adding emails so that they are not duplicating and only replying once.

Now revisiting “Community Survey”

Question #1 Remarks:  Community Garden is still a valid question even with the virus, lot of interest in home grown food.

Looking at the issues litter pet waist not disposed properly.

Question #2 Remarks – TECHNICAL DIFFICULITES (Minutes paused)

Question #3-Remarks: weeds are unkept, make one of the questions about how people are utilizing public areas to exercise in Laurel. Recommending shortening the question.

Question #4-Remarks: TECHNICAL DIFFICULITES (Minutes paused)

Question #5-Remarks: TECHNICAL DIFFICULITES (Minutes paused)



Question #6-Remarks: Problem with childhood obesity. Dr. Hall from Laurel stated the problem is that the parents are making too much money. Going out to dinner often, next thing you know the kids are now looking like the parents. Still a valid question.

Question #7-Remarks: Next four or five years you will see efforts in the City geared to health and mental awareness. Educate people that this is the new norm. City is doing what they need to in order to maintain all services.

Question #8-Remarks: Konterra abandon their thoughts on regional mall on the other side of route I-95 near Switzer lane.

One regional mall which is Columbia, Local businesses tend to be destination businesses. We are lucky we have three banks on Main St., Post office, several restaurants, several attorneys, even personal services-hairdressers, nail places. We don’t have a lot of empty store fronts.

Put in Parenthesis that Main street, the Town Center and Contee, is where the businesses are.

There are lot of restaurants that are on the verge of closing. We are lucky to have three grocery stores in Laurel.

Bike Accessibility for rent. They tend to do surveys where they think they will get the right amount of traffic to make it profitable for them.

Bikes are sold out and trying to support exercising and shopping locally.

Question to ask Leigha Steele, years ago the City reached out regarding bikes, due to the landscape of our City they were not interested in the geographic land with the highway traffic. However, with the downtown revitalization this might be a good time to revisit.

Tried to work with Howard County with their Hyper Bike Path coming all the way to Laurel, however they said “No”.

Only bike store in Laurel just close they have been there for 30 to 35 years.

Question #9-Remarks: All good points, getting ready to announce a new Ordinance assisting businesses and residential.

Question #10- Remarks: From a City standpoint just provide them with more resources on how they can go about doing it, we don’t provide the work.

Baltimore Gas and Electric has a department that will come out and do energy assessments.

We hire geese police to chase the geese off Laurel Lakes, they also use geese police at Goddard Space flight Center.

The difficulties that we have at Laurel Lakes is that people feed them.

Laurel for Patuxent want the City to hire a Sustainability Coordinator.

Speak to Bill Godard about updating the Environmental Affairs Committee on the City’s website.

Next month we will have two meetings one for the training and one for our regular EAC meeting.



Meeting Adjourned at 7:00 PM

Kenya Barno

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