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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm




TUESDAY – MAY 18, 2021 – 6:00 P.M. - REGULAR



*This meeting will be conducted virtually through Zoom due to COVID-19*


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  1. Roll Call.


  1. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on April 20, 2021.


  1. HDC-049-2021 for 113 St. Mary’s Place, submitted by St. Vincent Pallotti High School c/o Jeffrey Palumbo, the applicant is seeking Historic District Commission (HDC) Approval to construct a 36,000 sq. ft. multi-use athletic building addition, a 28,000 sq. ft. outdoor turf field, remove and replace a chain link fence, and demolish two (2) existing service buildings. The exterior of the building will have split face masonry (to closely match existing red brick) to 2’-8” above grade. The siding above the split face masonry will be a Surrey Beige, Royal Blue and Terra Cotta as manufactured by American Buildings Company.  The building will have a continuous 5’ band of translucent, 40 mm arco plus 547 polycarbonate panels at 12’ above finished floor on side walls. The building will have white fixed insulated windows on the 9th St. elevation. The roof will have a 24 gage, 24” wide Galvalume Standing Seam roof panel, manufactured by American Buildings Company (gray in color). The exterior doors are steel doors, that will be painted Surrey Beige. The exterior lighting of the building will be black LED lights to project light no more than 50’ from the building structure. This item was tabled on 3-16-2021.


  1. HDC-047-2021 for 36 Fourth Street, submitted by Gary Horton, applicant is seeking approval to construct an addition to the existing detach garage in the rear of property.  The property is a single-family dwelling.  The lot size is 6,500 square feet.  The property is zoned R-55 residential zone.  Sec. 20-6.16 of the zoning ordinance establishes the maximum building coverage for the lot at 30% and the minimum green space for the lot at 65%.  The configuration of the lot with the proposed detach garage addition, existing single-family dwelling and driveway are within the limitations mandated by the zoning ordinance.  In addition to maintaining the required lot coverage.  Applicant has removed an existing 9 feet x 9 feet concrete pad (see attachment) behind the rear deck and planted grass seeds.  The Applicant has also removed and filled with dirt a 10 feet x 15 feet man-made pond area. This item was tabled on 4/20/2021.


  1. HDC-050-2021 for 409 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Irenia Ruth Barbosa, applicant is approval to install a Natural wood color French Gothic and Pressure-Treated Pine Dog-Ear fence.   The new fencing will be installed along the front, side, and rear of property.   Applicant will be installing a natural wood, 3 ½ feet French Gothic fence along the front and right side of property, ending at the rear of the house.  The applicant also will be installing a 6 feet Pressure-Treated Pine Dog-Ear fence with a gate continuing from the rear of the house, along the right and rear property line. 


  1. HDC-064-2021 for 606 Main Street, submitted by Glenford (Glen) Blanc, applicant is seeking approval for the repair and replacement of an existing wood guardrail on the front porch of the property. Proposed Guardrail: Wood material, 2x2 pickets, 2x4 upper rail, 2x6 rail cap. 2x4 lower rail.  Applicant has stated that the purpose of the replacement is due to the existing wood guardrail being rotted and deemed unsafe. The proposed replacement will match the existing guardrail in size and will be painted white.


  1. HDC-066-2021 for 327 Montgomery Street, submitted by Elden Carnahan, applicant is approval to remove existing white retaining wall and columns on the front porch. The applicant would like to replace the existing white retaining wall with railings and replace the existing short columns with full length columns.  The Applicant will be installing railings and pickets and columns similar to adjacent property.  Applicant will paint the railings, pickets and columns white.


  1. HDC-067-2021 for 206 Tenth Street, submitted by Laura Pelletier, applicant is seeking approval install a 30’ X 30’ asphalt driveway and parking pad on the right side of the property. The driveway installation will also include a 30’ apron entrance from 10th Street. Applicant is aware that a small portion of the proposed driveway is within a storm drain easement. e applicant is proposing the installation of a new driveway 30’ x 30’ with 30’ apron. 


  1. HDC-059-2021 for 425 Prince George Street, submitted by C.J. Howard, applicant is seeking approval to construct a 1,152 square foot addition to the primary structure of the property as well as approval to perform exterior renovation work to include a new privacy fence and driveway. Please see all details listed in the staff report and supporting documents.


  1. HDC-061-2021 for 600 Main Street, submitted by Cameron Manesh, applicant is proposing to remove / replace existing brown shutters.  The new shutters will be made a black Raised Panel Vinyl.   The Applicant is proposing to remove and replace the existing roof.  The roof will change from brown 3 tab to charcoal architectural roof.  Applicant is proposing to paint trim, soffits, gutters, downspouts and facia from brown to white. The applicant is proposing to install new landscaping.  The Applicant proposes to install bushes and shrubbery around property and repave existing concrete walkways.  Applicant will repave existing footprint of concrete walkways and not expand.


  1. HDC-071-2021 for 509 Montgomery Street, submitted by Cameron Manesh, the applicant is requesting approval to install black vinyl shutters around the windows.  The shutters will be located on the windows in the front, sides, and rear of building.  There are no shutters currently existing around the windows. Also requesting to change the front entrance door from a white wooden door to white clear steal door.  Additionally, requesting to replace the roof.  The roof will change from light-gray 3 tab to charcoal architectural roof.  Applicant is also requesting to install a new Weblon fabric awning over the entrance door. The awning will be black with the address in white lettering.  The awning will measure 6 ft x 8 ft wide and project 3 ft x 6 ft from the building.  There is currently no awning over the entrance door.  Additionally, requesting to remove and replace existing retaining wall with cinderblock with brick façade, matching existing apartment brick dimension – 36 inches tall and 36 feet long located along Montgomery Street.  Lastly, requesting to install new landscaping.  The Applicant proposes to install bushes around property and repave existing concrete walkways and stairs.


  1. HDC-072-2021 for 407 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Alison and Ben Farmer, applicant is seeking for the replacement of two (2) sections of an existing wood privacy fence with similar wood fence. Fence Section A: 6’ in height, 55’ in length along the right-side yard (street-facing). Includes a 4’ gate. Fence Section B: 6’ in height, 125’ in length along the rear yard. Includes a 4’ gate. The applicant has stated that the purpose of the replacement is due to the two existing sections of fencing being damaged. Furthermore, the applicant would like to adjust the position of the proposed sections to better match their property lines (Fence Section B) and bring a section away from the existing tree line (Fence Section A). Lastly, applicant has stated that they plan to install an aboveground pool in the future and would like to ensure privacy with the proposed fence.


  1. HDC-074-2021 for 23 Post Office Avenue, submitted by Richard Wang, the applicant is requesting approval to replace windows, close-in (2) two side windows on porch, replace front door and screen door, replace existing addition on left side of the house, replace existing front-yard walkway, replace right-side driveway and replace roof shingles.


Staff Approvals


HDC-065-2021 for 310 Fourth Street submitted by Cheryl Dyer, the applicant requested to repair (2) two brick chimneys with existing brick mortar to match. Design will be exactly the same as original chimneys.


HDC-062-2021 for 507 Prince George Street submitted by Gayle Snyder, the applicant requested to repaint eaves in same existing white color and front porch flooring with same existing color grey.


HDC-070-2021 for 506 Prince George Street submitted by Mary Biddison, the applicant requested to remove dying/diseased evergreen tree that is rotting at the base. A letter from Prestige Tree Experts received. Recommend applicant replant a new tree on property.


HDC-063-2021 for 507 Prince George Street submitted by Gayle Snyder, the applicant requested to repaint front door from hunter green to Sherman Williams Rembrandt ed that closely resembles approved color ruby red and repaint shutters from hunter green to Sherman Williams Rocky Bottom dark gray and repaint storm door from what to Sherman Williams Rock Bottom grey that closely match pre-approved color Row House Grey.


HDC-069-2021 for 503A Montgomery Street submitted by Judith Miller the applicant requested to remove dead/dying Maple tree, a letter from East Coast Tree Care was received. Applicant agrees to plant a new tree on property, possibly a red bud.


HDC-073-2021 for 916 Montgomery Street submitted by Rose Ogbonna the applicant requested to repaint exterior wood trims in Sherwin Williams pure white which is very similar to the pre-approved color Manor white.


  1. Adjourn
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