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Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm



TUESDAY – JULY 21, 2020 – 6:00 P.M. - REGULAR



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  1. Roll Call.


  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on June 16, 2020.


3. TABLED AT LAST HEARING- HDC-078-2020 for 20 Post Office Avenue, submitted by Maria Thomas, request to replace existing 4 ft fence to new 6-foot white vinyl fence, construct a 16 x 20 x 14 carport (with colors to match the house) with garage door (wood grain color) with windows and install a 18 x 28  blacktop driveway. MONTA


4. HDC 075-2020 for 417 Main Street, submitted by Keyhani (Kay) Hamideh, request to install a new wooden fencing around property line. JOSH


5. HDC 084-2020 for 319 Main Street, submitted by Gary Brent for owner, Laurel Main Street Properties LLC, request to install (2) illuminated wall signs, re-cover (7) existing awnings with black fabric to include (3) signs on those awnings. MONTA


6. HDC 087-2020 for 317 Fourth Street, submitted by Matt Oskvarek, request to replace front walkway from concrete to stone. JOSH


7. HDC 088-2020 for 912 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jan Helling on behalf of owner Anne Allen, request to install new ply gem black raised panel shutters to the front and side exterior windows. MONTA


8. HDC 086-2020 for 411 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Joseph & Carrie Williams, request to replace aluminum siding to vinyl and roof from green to grey. Gutters will be replaced “in-kind” white. JOSH


9. HDC 093-2020 for 205 Tenth Street, submitted by Matt O’Brien, replace white picket fencing from wood to vinyl and new fencing style will have arches. Fence will be 3.5 feet tall. JOSH


10. A tax credit request for 332 Montgomery Street, submitted by Marlene Frazier for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 027-2020 for painting siding, roof and window frames. The cost was $2,297.66 and the requested amount is $229.76.


Staff Approvals:


HDC 082-2020 for 418 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Jeffrey Royle, request to replace rotten siding with wood filler, same exact style german lap and color Benjamin Moore Amarillo yellow.


HDC 085-2020 for 912 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jan Helling on behalf of the owner Anne Allen, request to paint siding Westchester grey which is very similar to the HDC approved color Templeton grey. Existing white doors and window trim will remain white.  


HDC 089-2020 for 339 Prince George Street, submitted by Michael & Mary Eileen Leszcz, Request to reset/replace brick sidewalk (lead) with colored brick (grout) & rear steps with (in kind) color and style.


HDC 090-2020 for 403 Prince George Street, submitted by Luis Sibaja, request to scrape paint off front porch railing and columns then repaint in same color white.


HDC 091-2020 for 531 Main Street, submitted by Dick Ward on behalf of Bernstein Management, request to replace shingle roof with similar shingle color in brown heather blend. Roof is in bad shape, leaking in spots.


HDC 092-2020 for 418 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jessica & John Norton, request to replace whole house siding with Monogram dutchlap in flagstone color to match original house color which is similar to the HDC approved color Erie grey. Original was going to be green tea color to match existing house however the color has since been discontinued.


HDC 094-2020 for 611 Prince George Street, submitted by Mary Eileen Leszcz, request to replace existing awning with same size and color/style white with wedgewood blue scallop trim.


HDC 001-2021 for 363 Main Street, submitted by Kieu Dang, request to replace existing awning with same size and new color orange with white lettering “Pho Viet 75” this request was approved in 2018 however the work was never started therefore has expired.


11. Adjourn


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