Board or Committee Meeting
Monday, December 2, 2019 - 7:00pm


December Tree Board Meeting Agenda -


  • Call to Order
  • Attendance
  • Approval of  Previous Minutes
  • Old Business

• Tree City Promotion

• Park Signage

• Tree Page on City Website

• Literature/Brochures Creation

  • New Business

       • Welcome New Member(s)

       • Arbor Day – Location/Tree Discussion

       • Championship Tree List Updated

       • City’s 150 Celebration – New Champion Tree Location

       • Social Media / Website Updating

  • Upcoming Meetings Schedule




December Tree Board Meeting Minutes - 


Laurel Tree Board 

December 2, 2019

The City of Laurel's Tree Board Advisory Committee held its final meeting of the 2019 calendar year from 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm at the Parks and Recreation's Maintenance Facility Meeting Room in Laurel, MD. Parks and Recreation's Assistant Director - Bill Bailey called the meeting to order.

PRESENT: Bill Bailey, (Dept of Parks & Recreation DPR), Barbara Borchardt, James C. Phillips, David Everett,  Steven Jones (Dept of Parks & Recreation DPR)

ABSENT: Patsy R. Faddis, Bobbi McCeney, Valerie M. A. Nicholas (Council Member)                                                     

Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


• Old Business


1. ​Tree City Promotion

Review of previous concepts were discussed again on the steps the city has been taking to promote its position as a Tree City with the community. 


2. Park Signage


The city has taken steps to post more signage within the parks around the city and has been flying the Tree City flag at the city buildings. 


3. Tree Page on City Website


The City will be continuting to look into having the Tree Board page on the city's website evolve to be more informative and provide resources to the community for tree care and seasonal tips.  A new list of the champion trees will likely be updated once that is completed and be posted.   Several links to resources with the Department of Natural Resources and the Arbor Day Foundation has already been added to the site.  


  • New Business


       5.  Welcome New Member(s)

       The committee welcomed David Everett to the City's Tree Board. David and his wife are innkeeper-owners of Laurel Manor Bed and Breakfast


       6. Arbor Day – Location/Tree Discussion

        Several locations for the yearly Arbor Day were suggested, though no final location has been selected at this time.  The date of the City's Arbor Day celebration however will be April 23rd.  Given the success of last years event            and the tree give-away, the city will likely look into pairing once again with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to secure saplings to give away once again to a youth group in the city. A tree choice was also              not finalized yet at this time. 


       7. Championship Tree List Updated

       Work has started to update the city's Champion Tree List, as it has become outdated, as multiple listed trees have been known now to no longer be alive or accurate.  David Everett  has already started the process of checking a         number of these trees and verifying which ones are no longer valid for the list.   The committee will also be looking to attempt to have nominations again for champion trees to add to the renewed list. 


       8. City’s 150 Celebration – New Champion Tree Location

       Several locations were discussed for a possible 150th anniversary tree.  The type of tree will more than likely however determine the location of where it may be planted.  No tree has been officially chosen at this time. The tree         should be different from the tree choice for Arbor Day. 


       9. Social Media / Website Updating

       With the upcoming 2020 season there is push for more social media on tree care and tips with the Tree Board via the City's Parks and Recreation social media.  The website and updating the Champion Tree board is likely                   however still the first step in starting a more digital footprint. 


      10 .Upcoming Meetings Schedule

       The Tree Board will be looking to meet on a more regular basis in an effort to continue positive renforcement of its continued desire to expand its influence.  Regular monthly meetings will now be established on the first                     Monday of every month.  The next looking to be started in 2020 on January 6th.