Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm






PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the Council Chamber.  The Chairman reserves the right to limit the amount of time each speaker has for each agenda item.


  1. Roll Call.


  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on November 12, 2019.


3. HDC 042-2020 for 418 Montgomery Street, submitted by John & Jessica Norton, request to construct a 2- story addition on the side of house and remove (2) pine trees in area of addition, staff requesting new trees be planted. All materials will match existing house.


4. HDC 047-2020 for 407 Main Street, submitted by Ryk Lesser, request to rebuild front entry steps and facing with similar material. Add new front entry cover w/ composite shingles to match existing roof. Install new louver shutters in black, new wooden support columns painted in white, (2) black metal mailboxes and railings. Also, install new white limestone tread caps on steps and new flag stone veneer on porch front to match existing building.


5. HDC 045-2020 for 509A Main Street, submitted by Hyon Shin request to install (1) new flat wall sign and (1) new window sign for shoe repair shop. Also requesting to paint the door and window trim from green to blue. The work has already been completed.


6. A tax credit request for 708/710 Main Street, submitted by Patricia Haag for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 088-2019 for repairing the front porch. The cost was $12,062.66 and the requested amount is $1,206.26.


7. A tax credit request for 708/710 Main Street, submitted by Patricia Haag for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 039-2020 replace the gutters and downspouts. The cost was $2,900.00 and the requested amount is $290.00.


Staff Approvals:


HDC 028-2020 for 616 Prince George Street, submitted by Donna Makowelski, request approval to remove exposed portion of chimney and add missionary cap to seal. This is a non-working chimney and a safety issue as the chimney is deteriorated.


HDC 033-2020 for 419 Prince George Street, submitted by First United Methodist Church, request approval to remove and replace driveway and sidewalk with concrete material, as existing driveway is in poor condition. Will use the same dimensions as existing.


HDC 034-2020 for 331 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Chris Reardon, request approval to extend existing permeable pavement (50' Turfstone) ribbon driveway with 50' of Turfstone ribbon driveway. Total length will be 100'. Approval for existing driveway was received by HDC in July 2019.


HDC 035-2020 for 400 Main Street, submitted by Margie McCeney, request approval to remove (3) declining Leyland Cypress and (1) failing Riverbirch tree in far back corner. They will be replaced with trees or shrub.


HDC 036-2020 for 404 Montgomery Street, submitted by Bernadine Lopace, request roof replacement due to extensive wind and water damage. Pewter grey shingles to match previous shingle color. Gutters to be replaced in kind as well.


HDC 037-2020 for 316 Montgomery Street, submitted by Gary Horton, request to install new Architectural shingles Atlas Pinnacle in Pristine Green, "in-kind" color. Current roof color is faded from time and weather.


HDC 038-2020 for 503A Montgomery Street, submitted by Judith Miller, request to remove and replace all (9 seen from street) windows with in-kind replacements in vinyl double hung 6 over 6 in almond color.


HDC 039-2020 for 708/710 Main Street, submitted by Patricia Haag, request approval to replace gutters and downspouts with in kind white color/style.


HDC 040-2020 for 418 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Jeff Royce, request to remove dead spruce tree in backyard that is leaning towards neighbor’s house. Applicant will plant a new red oak tree on the property.


HDC 041-2020 for 909 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jan Helling, request to replace existing white vinyl windows with new mezzo alside windows in a three-sash appearance to match the existing style of the house, to be in-kind.


HDC 043-2020 for 35 Fourth Street, submitted by Jimmy Chun, request to install 11 x 40 driveway with Holland Red/Charcoal Concrete Pavers over top of existing gravel driveway.


HDC 044-2020 for 417 Main Street, submitted by Kay Hamideh, request to revise sign that was approved by HDC in March 2019. New colors and logo, same business. Size and location of sign not to change from previous approval.


HDC 048-2020 for 413 Montgomery Street, submitted by Gabriella King, request to remove and install new "in-kind" aspen white Exterior Portfolio Market Square vinyl siding. Also, replace shutters with matching black as existing.


8. New Business


9. Adjourn