Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the Council Chamber.  The Chairman reserves the right to limit the amount of time each speaker has for each agenda item.

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on September 17, 2019.

3. HDC 021-2020 for 643 Main Street, submitted by Christina Kirven, request to install (4) new door signs for restaurant. The signage has already been installed.

4. HDC 022-2020 for 933 Montgomery Street, submitted by Benjamin Lewis, request to install (1) white 3.5 wooden fence with french gothic pickets on 2 sides of backyard with gate, replace (3) paving stones with brick walkway 3' x 4' from sidewalk to back porch and white vinyl arbor over the walkway.

5. HDC 032-2020 for 329 ½ Main Street, submitted by Ronny Santana, request to install (1) new window sign and one (1) new door sign for barbershop.

6. A tax credit request for 333 Montgomery Street, submitted by Katherine Peterson for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 095-2019 for replacing the front storm/screen door. The cost was $3,186.00 and the requested amount is $318.60.

7. A tax credit request for 320 Montgomery Street, submitted by James & Suma Penrose, for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 081-2019 for rebuild and repair of chimney. The cost was $22,800 and the requested amount is $2,280.00.

Staff Approvals:

HDC 010-2020 for 681A Main Street, submitted by Giselle Boma, request approval to install new sign for spa. Sign will read: "BeYouthiFul You Spa" Upper Level 681A" in maroon lettering and cream background, uniform to the rest of Patuxent Place. Sign has already been installed.

HDC 011-2020 for 418 Main Street, submitted by Jhanna Levin, request approval to install (8) new white vinyl double hung windows with grids on both sides of house to match existing windows, (5) on left side facing house, (1) on right side and (2) in the back.

HDC 014-2020 for 921 Montgomery Street, submitted by Kelly Welsh, request approval of roof replacement with "in-kind" gray color and style 3 tab. The work has already been done.

HDC 015-2020 for 12 C Street, submitted by Charles King, request approval to replace (5) front windows white vinyl 2 over 2 vertical sash “in-kind”. Other windows were replaced in '14. Replace/repaint damaged siding in yellow/tan color, hardie plank, in-kind. The work was started without approval.

HDC 017-2020 for 204 5th Street, submitted by Jesse Easton, request approval of roof replacement with same pearl white color but from 3 tab to architectural style. The work has already been done; however, this was an emergency replacement.

HDC 018-2020 for 911 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jan Helling, request approval to replace gray 3-tab roof with GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Dimensional shingles, color Williamsburg Slate. Replacement of chimney pipe collar & flashings. Drip edges will match white house trim. Work was completed without approval, due to emergency reasons.

HDC 024-2020 for 29 Fourth Street, submitted by Rev. Lloyd Thorpe, request to install new roofing, light grey 3 tab to light grey architectural (oyster). Left side currently leaks. Applicant will replace left side right away and the right side within a few months.

HDC 027-2020 for 332 Montgomery Street, submitted by James & Marlene Frazier, request to repaint the following with "in-kind" colors 1. Window trim- cream, doors- rust red, roof- rust red (where needed) and siding- blue (where needed).

HDC 029-2020 for 405 Fourth Street, submitted by Holly & Scott Lilienthal, request to replace brick steps with same style color of existing red brick and repaint front porch with same color white as existing.

HDC 030- 2020 for 414 Main Street, submitted by Dr. Nilesh Kansangra, request to repair and fix stone retaining wall with "in-kind" style and material. Same stones, same size.

HDC 031-2020 for 314 Montgomery Street, submitted by Robert Block, request to repaint house with same white color. Request to repaint shutters with same green color, all work to be “in-kind”.

8. New Business

9. Adjourn