Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the Council Chamber.  The Chairman reserves the right to limit the amount of time each speaker has for each agenda item.


  1. Roll Call.
  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on July 16, 2019.
  3. HDC 004-2020 for 35 Fourth Street, submitted by Jim Chun, request to install 11 x 40 asphalt driveway to side of property, where there is currently an overgrown gravel driveway.
  4. HDC 006-2020 for 509B Main Street, submitted by James Preston & Dr. Nicole Ray, request to install a 12 x 96 sign for “Hemp Haven Wellness Center” and paint window and door trim from dark blue to black. The work has already been completed.
  5. A tax credit request for 332 Montgomery Street, submitted by Marlene & James Frazier, for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 034-2019 for replacing windows. The cost was $29,481.00 and the requested amount is $2,948.10.
  6. A tax credit request for 410 Main Street #1, submitted by Radcliffe Scarlett, for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 066-2019 for replacing windows and door. The cost was $4,729.93 and the requested amount is $472.99.
  7. A tax credit request for 417 Main Street, submitted by Hamideh (Kay) Keyhani, for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 076-2019 for restoring windows and entry way repair. The cost was $9,550.00 and the requested amount is $955.00.

Staff Approvals:

  • HDC 102-2019 for 35 Fourth Street, submitted by Jim Chun, request to replace roof shingles with same grey color and style "in-kind", repaint shutters in same medium blue color “in-kind”, repair white siding to match existing and emergency removal of dead oak tree. Tree has already been removed. It’s recommended a new tree be planted on the property.
  • HDC 002-2020 for 1110 Montgomery Street, submitted by Lisa Everett, request approval to repaint rooftop spire with “in-kind” white color.   
  • HDC 005-2020 for 417 Montgomery Street, submitted by Theta Ramsey, request approval to replace roof with “in-kind” gray shingles same 3 tab style.
  • HDC 001-2020 for 335 Montgomery Street, submitted by Norella Rodgers, request approval to extend chain link fence on driveway side of house to corner of  house this will make ground level windows secure behind a 6 ft fence. Fence will be "in-kind" with the existing.
  • HDC 007-2020 for 911 Montgomery Street, submitted by, Jan M. Helling as applicant for owner, request to paint the house aluminum siding comparable to color Page Blue #PL17 from the approved colors list. The current color of the house is white.
  • HDC 008-2020 for 28 Post Office Avenue, submitted by, Glynnis McPhee, request to replace white gutters with “in-kind” style and color white. The work has already been completed.
  • HDC 012-2020 for 206 Fifth Street, submitted by, Gerardo Perez (contractor for owner), request for roof replacement from brown to grey color, same 3-tab style. Install flashings. Original color of roof was grey. Work was done without approval.
  • HDC 009-2020 for 412 Montgomery Street, submitted by, Betsy Welsh, request to cut down (1) Gum tree to a 3ft stump that is to the right of house. Tree has been a nuisance and is a potential danger during storms as it is too close to the house. Will also cut down (1) Maple and (1) Holly from rear of property (not seen from the street). Applicant plans to replant a Holly or Maple in the front yard and a maple or ironwood in the backyard. 

8.  New Business

9.  Adjourn