Board or Committee Meeting
Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 7:00pm




Tree Board Committee


March 21, 2019

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Old Business
    1. Think Tank discussion
    2. Damage/Repair status from last season
  5. New Business
    1. 2019 Tree Planting @ Christian Academy of Laurel (Formerly First Baptist School)
    2. Discuss of social media, and other material handouts
  6. Adjourn



March 21st , 2019






Members Present: Barbara Borchardt, Valerie Nicholas


Members Absent: Patsy Faddis, Bobbi McCeney, James Phillips


Staff Present: Bill Bailey, Steven Jones




Meeting began at 19:05


Attendance was taken. Meeting is defined as unofficial due to lack of quorum numbers.


  1. Think Tank ideas and discussion was reviewed for members not present at the last meeting. Several of the proposed material ideas noted to be discussed later in the meeting with new business.


2. More active showing of Tree City status to be expanded. The possible addition of Tree City signs or logos to existing signs at various city parks to be reviewed. Parks and Recreation will check what existing material is available from past events, to consider what signage is appropriate.


3. Review of end of winter status of damaged or dead trees.  Members to makes rounds of city area and note any trees with significate or notable problems that have not already been checked for inspection.


4. Replanting of new tree at McCullough Field, across from barber shop noted to be on agenda of replacement trees. Old stump still needs to be removed.


5. Public Works to be notified to check on trees in wells along Main St.  Mostly notably for several trees in front of Selbourne House, that appear to be showing signs of distress.


6. Consideration for Arborist styled program within the City. This idea will be further developed with the Outdoor Learning Classroom proposed by the Gude House as improvements are made to the Gude site.


7.  “Reforestation” discussed. Parks and Recreation still has several trees left over from previous year that may still be given out to replace damaged or dead trees with citizens seeking a replacement.


8. The City of Laurel’s Arbor Day 2019 will be at the Christian Academy of Laurel (formerly First Baptist School). Planting to be on April 18th, at 10am.  The City will also be looking to give out saplings to the students of Christian Academy during the ceremony.


9. Laurel Elementary on April 25th at 8am will also be having multiple trees planted as part of the PG County Beautification Program.


10. The Tree Board will be attempting to expand their role in providing helping and educational material to the community.  Parks and Recreation’s Facebook/Twitter accounts to be considered for monthly postings for general tree tips, maintenance, helps with pest control, or other invasive plants.


11. With assistance from the Department of Natural Resources, various reference material has been provided for the Tree Board to look into further creating season pamphlets. These would function similarly to the social media posts in providing citizens with helping information on tree care and maintenance as it relates to that time of year.




Adjourned at 19:54

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