Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm



  1. Roll Call.
  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on February 19, 2019.
  3. HDC 050-2019 for 217 Main Street, submitted by Chigozie “Bruno” Nwogu, on behalf of the owner, Joy Davis, tabled at both January and February meetings, for approval to replace lighted sign (7’ x 2’) on building front, message reads: “Total Wireless” in blue and red with white lettering. Sign has already been installed. The sign is the company’s logo, however, it was requested at last month’s meeting for the applicant to use a sign that would conform to the look on Main Street preferably not so bright as the current sign.  

       4. HDC 056-2019 for 417 Main Street, submitted by Keyhani (Kay) Hamideh, request to install two hanging signs on left and right side of front porch and one monument sign in front of property to read: “YOGA WELLNESS CENTER” in black letters with white       background. Applicant is also requesting to remove two chimneys from structure; one is located in the rear of the house, the other on the left side. The chimneys are no longer used, damaging the ceiling and removal is necessary for the demolition of a wall for the yoga studio. Last request is to replace the metal roof with architectural shingles of the same color as existing, which is a rusty red.

       5. HDC 063-2019 for 333 Prince George Street, submitted by Oscar De Le Puente, request to replace three upper-level front of house windows. Current windows have two over two grids and the new windows will be two over one grids, georgetown series, double hung. The far left window will be slightly frosted because it is a bathroom window near a shower.

      6. HDC 062-2019 for 421 Prince George Street, submitted by Karen Lubieniecki, request to extend existing driveway with 2 concrete cobblestone strips and a pad to reach the current garage. Cobblestone color will match close to existing pavers. Also requesting to remove one Norwegian maple tree. Removal is required to install new driveway and the tree roots are growing into back porch steps. Applicant is willing to replant a tree in the backyard, such as a fig or dogwood tree. Last request is to repaint the front porch with either in kind color; yellow/green or slightly different color yellow/blue.

      7. HDC 059-2019 for 507B Montgomery Street, submitted by Santos Jose Perez Fuentes, request to install new roof from brown to dark grey (roof has already been replaced), install 5 (seen from street) new double hung windows, 28’’ x 55”, from 3 over 3 grids to no grids (windows have already been installed), install new front door from a 6 panel, steel red/maroon to a top half glass and solid bottom door in similar burgundy color. Last request is to paint the aluminum siding from tan/beige to whisper gray color. The front door and siding have not been completed.

      8. HDC 064-2019 for 367 Main Street, submitted by Ernest Freeman, request to install new signage on awning to read: “FREEMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES” in white lettering and gray background, install new door signage with open/closed and hours of operation. Also front window signage with list of company services and telephone number. Lettering will be in white.

      9. HDC 061-2019 for 206 10th Street, submitted by Laura Pelletier, request to raise existing rear fence from 5’4’’ to 6’ to meet the fence requirement for pool installation. Also installation of 3’ wooden fence to the front right side of property. The fences will be stained.

      10. A tax credit request for 320 Montgomery Street submitted by James & Suma Penrose for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 078-2018 for replacing windows. The cost was $4,306.02 and the requested amount is $430.60.

       11. A tax credit request for 327 Montgomery Street submitted by Elden Carrahan for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 057-2019 for replacing roof shingles. The cost was $19,500.00 and the requested amount is $1,950.00.

        12. A tax credit request for 412 Montgomery Street submitted by Elizabeth Welsh for approved HDC Certificate of Approval 028-2019 for replacing all gutters and gutter guards on house. The cost was $6,450.00 and the requested amount is $645.00.


Staff Approvals:

HDC 060-2019 for 919 Montgomery Street, submitted by Thomas Dorman, request to replace siding on upper lever with hardy fiber cement board. Will be painted back to the original green sage-like color that was existing prior. Applicant stated the original material was wood but in the end, the house will look exactly the same. He requested staff approval.

HDC 065-2019 for 421 Prince George Street, submitted by Karen Lubieniecki, request to repaint the front porch, tin roof and porch deck. The tin roof will be painted “in-kind” red color and porch deck will also be in kind color. The front porch will either be in kind color or slightly different; yellow/green or yellow/blue.


13. New Business

14. Adjourn