Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm







PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, and you are not an applicant, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the room.


1.          Roll Call.


2.         Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on October 16, 2018. 


3.         HDC 003-2019 for 363 Main Street, submitted by Duong Le, request to install new store awning on building front in orange color with white lettering “Pho Viet 75”. Applicant has decided not to bump out the front door and leave building front as is.


4.         HDC 030-2019 for 419 Prince George Street, submitted by Mary Hoffman, request to remove tree from side of property. Tree looks dying or diseased and is too big for the space, arborist report not provided. Applicant is willing to plant another tree on the property.


5.         HDC 032-2019 for 42 Avondale Street, submitted by Golamreza Sheibani Agdam, request to install 3 ½ feet fence to front of property and 6 feet privacy fence to rear of property. Fencing will be natural wood to match what was already approved. Applicant was previously approved for fencing on the side of property only.


6.         HDC 031-2019 for 906 Montgomery Street, submitted Deirdre Holliday- Williams, request to install a 18'' x 27'' hanging sign that is 6'' high, the sign is white with green and brown lettering that reads: "Flavor Garden,     Snack Bar, Ice Cream, Sandwiches, Funnel Cakes" with the business logo.


Staff Approvals:


HDC 029-2019 for 110 Seventh Street, submitted by Tony Mazzuca, request to remove tree on front of property. Tree is very close to the street and touching wires. An arborist report was submitted that the tree should be removed. Applicant agrees to plant a new tree on the property.


HDC 035-2019 for 501 Montgomery Street, submitted by Sean Ryan with Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet (for homeowner Maureen Tobin), request to replace roof in kind (charcoal gray) shingles and dimension.


HDC 034-2019 for 332 Montgomery Street, submitted by Marlene Fraizer, request to replace 21 existing windows with weather shield premium series wood windows. Aluminum clad white exterior with simulated divided lights 1 1/18 to match existing configurations.


HDC 037-2019 for 201 Sixth Street, submitted by Eileen Collins, request to replace 14 sets of shutters with same style and color (midnight blue).


HDC 038-2019 for 33, 34, 37 & 38 Orchard Towne Court, submitted by Michele Horwtiz-Cornwell (for the owner Tilford A. Jones, LLC.), request to replace siding with same cream color and windows with same size and style as existing on apartment buildings.


7.     New Business


Follow up to previous discussion: Laurel Arts Council installation of public art bench at McCullough Field consisting of concrete block wall with granite slab.  Size approximately 3 ½’ high, 5’ wide and 2’ deep.  The bench will be covered in the ceramic tiles and will be installed by Department of Public Works and Department of Parks & Recreation.


8.     Adjourn