Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm








PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, and you are not an applicant, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the room.


1.         Roll Call.


2.         Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on September 18, 2018.


3.         HDC 001-2019 for (Patuxent Place) 535-693A Main Street, submitted by Leon Hill, requesting approval replace existing sign with new signs to match all signage on the building.  Signs will be uniform with cream/maroon color and same lettering style.  Item was tabled at September 18, 2018 meeting.


4.         HDC 009-2019 for 418 Prince George Street, submitted by Paris Thalheimer, request to lay grey stone over existing 7’ x 47’ rock driveway.  Driveway size will not be increased.  Item was issued as a staff approval in September 2018.


5.         HDC 003-2019 for 363 Main Street, submitted by Duong Le, request to move out front door to align with the existing building front. Will come back in November for signage approval.


6.         HDC 015-2019 for 333 Montgomery Street, submitted by Katherine Peterson, request to change color of Dutch lap vinyl siding from grey to sage green.  The shutters will also but updated but with “in-kind” color (autumn red) and style.


7.         HDC 024-2019 for 330 Prince George Street, submitted Herminio Galvan, request to repair existing shed, new roof will be approximately 2 ft. higher than existing roof.  Structure will remain white in color, but with new material; vinyl siding, current siding is aluminum.  New roof will be charcoal color shingles, which matches existing.  In addition, a new metal door will be installed on shed, which will be white in color.


  8.       HDC 021 for 42 Avondale Street, submitted by Golmareza Sheibani Agdan, request to install a new 6 ft. privacy fence along (1) one side of rear property. Also requesting to install a new 3.5 ft. fence to front of property. Both fences will be unpainted pressure treated wood.


   9.      HDC 022-2019 for 509 Montgomery Street, submitted by Alan Rockline, request to install new windows on entire structure (39) thirty-nine total. Current windows are white wood with grids.  New windows will be replaced with same sizes as existing with white vinyl with no grids.  The sizes of windows vary and are listed in the application. Current windows are white wood with grids.


10.    HDC 027-2019 for 310 Fourth Street, submitted by Michael & Cheryl Dyer, request to remove (2) two mulberry trees from front of property. Will not be replacing the trees since many new trees have been planted over the years.


11.    HDC 025-2019 for 604 Main Street, submitted by Christina Kirven & Victor Thomas, request to install (1) one window sign on storefront for cigar shop. The window sign will be 42’’H x 42’’W and will say “Thomas Supply Trade Cigars”.  


12.  HDC 026-2019 for 712 Main Street, submitted by Scarlett Wirt, request to remove (17) seventeen dying/diseased Leyland trees from front, back and sides of property, not confirmed with replacement trees. Arborist report states trees should be removed.


Staff Approvals:


HDC 018-2019 for 320 Montgomery Street, submitted by James Penrose, request to repair leaks, replace sections of roof with in kind color (gray) shingles.


HDC 019-2019 for 1107 Montgomery Street, submitted by Ted Kelton, request to remove dead spruce tree from rear of property. Arborist report states it is dead and should be removed. Applicant agreed to plant another tree (probably cherry tree) on the property.


HDC 020-2019 for 612-614 Main Street, submitted by Charles Hugh, request to replace roof (charcoal gray), gutters (black) and downspouts (cream) with same existing colors and same style. 


HDC 023-2019 for 322 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Vu Lam T, request to install another layer of the gravel on existing driveway. Work will be “in-kind” Will not be making the driveway wider or longer. No change in material.


HDC 028-2019 for 412 Montgomery Street, submitted by Elizabeth Welsh, request to replace gutters and gutter guards on all parts of roof levels, except front porch with “in kind” white color.