Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 6:30pm



Meeting-September 11, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. Take roll
  2. Review and vote on editing or accepting minutes from the August 14 meeting
  3. Conduct business



  1. Laurel Historic District Commission
    1. Sept. 18 is the next HDC meeting
    2. LAC is on the agenda but a formal memo is required
      1. Location for Laurel History Bench
        1. McCullough Field, close to Montgomery Street side
        2. Avondale Mill site at the bottom of 4th and Avondale Streets, by the river
        3. Farmer’s Market lot on Main Street (where we held our artists block fair)
      2. Future Projects
        1. Mural/s
        2. Laurel Pool Mosaic
  2. Bench Project
    1. Presentation at Laurel Elementary
    2. Flyer distribution
    3. Posted to Facebook
    4. Included in the Sept. Newsletter
    5. Laurel TV
    6. Sign up sheet reviewed
    7. Important Dates:
      1. COMPELTED: Friday, Sept. 7 at 8:15 – Laurel Elementary School Presentation
      2. Saturday, Sept. 15 – Pool House Tile Making Workshop
      3. Sunday, Sept. 30 – Pool House Tile Glazing Workshop
  3. Artist Block Fair on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 from 1 – 4pm
    1. Pass around sign up sheet to help
    2. 18 artists/craftsmen signed up to date
    3. Still need performing artists
    4. Event marketing and press
      1. Laurel Leader
        1. Can Events & PR communicate with Cheryl to see what she did for the April event and contact the Laurel Leader to see if they will run another call for artists (including performing artists) and also send Laurel Leader a pitch (with photos from the April event) for another possible story feature?
      2. Flyer distribution
      3. Share LAC Facebook Event
      4. Dedicated Email - Christian
  4. Special Guests
    1. Dennis Sweet – Zinefest
    2. Jay Williams – mural, signage, and bronze sculpture/statue artist
    3. Marilyn Morris – silk painting and visual artist
  5. Events Planning and Public Relations Update
    1. See details and summary attached on page 3
  6. Strategic Planning Update
    1. See details and summary attached on page 3
  7. Development/Fundraising
    1. $25 donation received from Leigh Marget
  8. Ellicott City Debrief
    1. $146 raised and donated from art workshops
  9. Annual Board Elections in October 2018
    1. As detailed in the Ordinance, all board positions will be up in October:
      1. Chair
      2. Vice Chair
      3. Secretary
      4. Co-Secretary (optional)
      5. Treasurer
  10. Upcoming Meetings
    1. Tuesday, October 9 at 6:30pm (day after Columbus Day) – elections
    2. Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30pm
    3. Tuesday, December 11 at 6:30pm









Subcommittee Summaries


Events Planning & Public Relations Sub Committee Summary


The sub-committee has been streamlining our process for getting the newsletter to as many outlets as possible. Some of our featured artists from the newsletters have exciting ideas that they would like to share with LAC and will attend the Sept. meeting to share their thoughts. Finally, we are still working on the Laurel T.V. PSA format and the frequency that they will be created.  We hope to have a start date for the first PSA in a week or so.


  1. Clarify our contact lists for reaching the public with newsletters (Christian). The main means that we receive new contacts for our email list is via email request. We received a few through the artist roster. Our list lives on and we have 121 subscribers.


  1. Created a list of artists who want to be in the newsletters and interviews for the Laurel T.VPSA’s (Laverne). Artists have continued to send in requests to the LAC gmail to be a featured artist in the newsletter. As I interview artists for the newsletter I let them know about the future opportunity to participate in the Laurel T.V. PSA’s.  A list has been created for artists who have an interest in conducting a PSA.  Once we formalize the PSA format I suggest that we let the community know that they can also sign up for a Laurel T.V. PSA's as well.


  1. Formalize the Laurel T.V. 2-minute PSA with Jean-Luque (Steven). Steve contacted Jean-Luque from Laurel TV to see if would be interested in partnering up with us. He also invited him to the Sept. LAC meeting.


  1. Determine when we can shoot the first PSA and how often will we create each PSA's? What will it involve/format? During our first meeting with Jean-Luque we can decide on time frames and topics for the PSA’s

Strategic Planning Subcommittee update: Bharati, Kelsey, Melissa

  1. Research (what do people want?)
    1. Phase 1:  Review strategic plans for other cities. Melissa and Bharati completed.
    2. Phase 2:  Survey, interview stakeholders and public in City of Laurel: In process.
      1. Arts organizations and artists
  1. List them.
    1. Initial web search -> 5 orgs + Montpelier
    2. Adding reps of “creative economy” -> Sewing Design Studio. Other? (recording studio? GC?)
    3. Individual artists?  (list?)
  2. Contact them: All contacted. All but one answered (Central MD Chorale)
  3. Receive Survey responses:  Venus, DCLA.  Awaiting responses via meetings with LAG and Montpelier. Call to LMP.
    1. Businesses. Is there a directory? A listserve for sending out survey? LBOT?
    2. Public. Call meeting + use listserve  (Laurel Patch, FB, newspaper? newsletter?)
  1. Compile results, write plan.




Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2018

The Laurel Arts Council (LAC) held its August meeting from 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm at the Laurel Municipal Center in Laurel, MD on September 11, 2018. Chair Kelsey Eustace called the meeting to order.

Present: Laverne Debnam, Bharati Dhruva, John Drago, Cheryl Dyer, Kelsey Eustace, Steven Echeverry, Christian Givens, Melissa Holland, Alisa Kerr, Leigha Steele (Department of Economic & Community Development), Joanne Hall Barr (Parks & Recreation)

Absent: Marilyn Byers, Nadia Janjua

Guests: Dennis Johnson (Illustrator), Jay Williams (Mural Artist), Inka Patel (Architect), Marilyn Morris (Artist)

The minutes of the August 14, 2018 meeting were approved by all LAC members with no edits.


  1. Introduction of Guests
  2. Laurel Historic District Commission
    1. Chair Kelsey Eustace and Cheryl Dyer will be attending the next Historic District Committee (HDC) meeting on Sept. 18, mainly to propose a location for the Laurel History Bench in order to receive an approval.  
    2. Chair Kelsey will distribute a memo to the HDC about talking points.
      • Cheryl stated we should mention having a stencil on Main Street to delineate where the Arts District is located exactly
      • LAC members unanimously felt the Farmer’s Market lot on Main Street would be most ideal location for the Laurel History Bench
        1. Melissa mentioned that part of the goal for LAC is to help revitalize the City and Main Street area, in particular
        2. Joanne mentioned that we have seating in other locations, so it will be a nice opportunity to have the bench showcased on Farmer’s Market lot versus having it amongst other benches
        3. Leigha mentioned that the Farmer’s Market lot is owned by the Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA). The purpose of CRA is to help revitalize Main Street. The Chair is Donna Crary and LAC would have to get their permission.
        4. Chair Kelsey mentioned sending an email to the Mayor and his Aide Sarah Green to discuss locations for the Laurel History Bench
        5. Steven Echeverry suggested memo could also include mentioning Murals and gathering feedback from the HDC about any restrictions or direction for visual aspect of it



  1. Laurel History Bench Project
    1. Cheryl led a presentation at Laurel Elementary to approximately one hundred fifth grade students about the Laurel History Bench Project on September 7th. People have been confirming attendance for the workshop by word of mouth and less through the online sign-up sheet.
    2. The presentation was filmed by Laurel TV.
    3. All arrangements have been made for the Saturday, Sept. 15th workshop, and LAC members reviewed the sign-up sheet to fill the slots in order to help. There will be three one-hour sessions with approximately 15 participants attending each session.
    4. The second workshop will be on Sunday, September 30th to glaze tiles.

  2. Artist Block Fair on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 from 1 – 4pm
    1. Laurel Board of Trade (BOD) is sponsoring the Artist Block Fair, but will not be directly helping with the event as they did at the last event.
    2. 18 artists/craftsmen signed up to date
    3. Steven mentioned that sound equipment also needs to be secured.
    4. Leigha mentioned that she will need help to set up on Friday, Oct. 12. Christian volunteered to help and should bring yellow or pink spray chalk paint and a measuring tape to help delineate booth spaces for artists. Spaces will be first come, first serve.
    5. Publicizing Event
      • Flyers have been distributed.
      • Leigha will be printing out more flyers for distribution and Melissa will pick them up.
      • Melissa sent information about the event on various list serves.
      • The City calendar also has a link to this event.
      • Cheryl and Laverne will reach out to the new editor and another contact for the Laurel Leader to do a feature for this event.
      • Christian will be sending out another email through Mail chimp again.
      • Steven will try to reach out to Laurel TV to do a PSA about the event.
      • LAC Members should sign up online to attend and help. Anyone present should help with setting up and breaking down tables.
      • Participating artists should be expected to bring their own tables, but if anyone needs a table they can request it through LAC. LAC needs to let Dept. of Parks and Rec. know in advance.

  3. Ellicott City Debrief
    1. $146 raised and donated from art workshops. Total raised from the whole event was $1825.
    2. LAC also received a donation of $25.00, which Chair Kelsey is in possession of.

  4. Events Planning and Public Relations Update
    1. Currently, we have 121 email subscribers to our Newsletter. Most of our growth is from people who sign up at our events.
    2. Laurel TV has been contacted to set up 2-minute PSA’s featuring artists.

  5. Strategic Planning Update
    1. Bharati will be meeting with Laurel Art Guild.
    2. LAC has researched that cities with Strategic plans have funded these plans. They all seek input from residents of the community to define a way ahead. There are five organizations that can be contacted in Laurel. Montpelier is outside the city. These groups have been asked “How can the Art Council help you? What do you see for the City at large?”
    3. Leigha will help provide a list of businesses in the Arts & Entertainment District in Laurel.
    4. Bharati mentioned that we could hold a meeting for public at the Laurel Library and advertise in the Laurel Leader. Attendees could leave written suggestions or verbally express them at the meeting depending on people attending.

  6. Annual Board Elections in October 2018
    1. As detailed in the Ordinance, all board positions will be up in October:
      • Chair
      • Vice Chair
      • Secretary
      • Co-Secretary (optional)
      • Treasurer

  7. Upcoming Meetings
    1. Tuesday, October 9th @ 6:30 pm – Elections!
    2. Tuesday, November 13th @ 6:30 pm
    3. Tuesday, December 11th @ 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm. 


Nadia Janjua                                                                               Date: October 8, 2018                     


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