Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm






PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, and you are not an applicant, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the room.


1.         Roll Call.

2.         Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on July 17, 2018.

3.         HDC 017-2019 for 409 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Leon Ginsberg, ITEM WAS TABLED AT JUNE 2018 MEETING, requesting approval install new porch railings to front of house.

4.         HDC 001-2019 for (Patuxent Place) 535-693A Main Street, submitted by Leon Hill, requesting approval replace existing sign with new signs to match all signage on the building. Signs will be uniform with cream/maroon color and same lettering style.

5.         HDC 069-2018 for 693A Main Street, submitted by Divas Dominican Hair Design, requesting to install four (4) 32 x 23 window signs at front of property for hair salon. One (1) sign is lighted.

6.         HDC 004-2019 for 337 Main Street, submitted by Felicia Onwudiachi, requesting to install signage on existing green awning in white lettering to read: “Heavenly Boutique”.

7.         HDC 006-2019 for 1105 Montgomery Street, submitted by F. Christopher Erdle, requesting to install fencing in two section 8 feet each wooden flatboard with no finish on southwest of property at alleyway.

8.         HDC 013-2019 for 309 Fourth Street, submitted by Lili Mundroff, requesting (for owners Nate and Kerri Allen) to construct an addition (306.25 sq. ft.) to rear of home. Materials and color will match existing house.

9.         HDC 014-2019 for 653 Main Street, submitted by Danelcy Guzman, requesting to install (1) door sign and (2) window signs for hair salon.


Staff Approvals:

HDC 002-2019 for 407 Main Street, submitted by Peta Gaye Morrison, request to replace roof and repair gutters due to wind damage with “in kind” material and color. Also requesting to replace siding due to hail damage with “in kind” material and color.

HDC 007-2019 for 327 Prince George Street, submitted by Matthew & Mary Sullivan, request replace porch railing and columns with “in kind” white color and style.

HDC 008-2019 for 336 Prince George Street, submitted by Brian Coyle, request to remove dead Japanese red maple from front yard, a few years ago a sapling was planted on the side of the yard.

HDC 010-2019 for 339 Prince George Street, submitted by Michael & Mary Eileen Leszcz, request reset/replace brick sidewalks (lead) with colored brick (grout) and rear steps with “in kind” color and style.

HDC 011-2019 for 109 Sixth Street, submitted by Wanda Breedan, request to replace front porch/ railing/roof with “in kind” material (wood) and color (to be painted white). Also new railings will be added back on that were once on the porch. 

HDC 012-2019 for 414 Prince George Street, submitted by Ruth Walls, request to replace front porch roof with “in kind” material and color.

HDC 016-2019 for 383 Main Street, submitted by Shirli King, request to replace roof (brown) and porch railings (natural wood) on second floor. All work to be “in-kind”.


10.     New Business

                     Laurel Arts Council- Future Public Art Projects


11.     Adjourn