Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm








PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, and you are not an applicant, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the room.



1.       Roll Call.


2.      Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on May 22, 2018.


3.      HDC 057-2018 for 313 Fourth Street, submitted by Joseph Fox-Rabinovitz requesting to construct an addition (30.7 x 16) to rear of property, including a basement.  Also replacement of doors and windows to include a bay window.  All work will be done with "in-kind" material/color to match the existing house to include white vinyl siding, light blue/gray paint around window frames and gray roof.


4.      HDC 071-2018 for 325 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Cynthia Haynes, TABLED LAST MONTH- requesting to replace front doors with new color and style, install new white storm doors, install new grey shutters, stain porch & steps w/ american oak color, add porch swing in grey, add hedges (1 ½ ft in height) to front lawn, add landscaping to side of walkway, repair cracked sidewalk, install new white address post, re-stain fence with american oak color.


5.      HDC 078-2018 for 320 Montgomery Street, submitted by James & Suma Penrose, requesting to remove and replace five (5) white vinyl windows on front of house. Windows will be same color, style and grid option as existing windows. The only difference is material- vinyl instead of wood. No framing replacement. 


6.      HDC 080-2018 for 409 Laurel Avenue, submitted by Leon Ginsberg, requesting to replace roof shingles from light grey to medium brown, replace twenty-three (23) white vinyl windows with 3 over 3 grid style, install new front door (to be painted blue) and storm door (white with full glass), install new porch railings- wood frame to be painted grey & white and aluminum material).


Staff Approvals:


HDC 079-2018 for 339 Prince George Street, submitted by Michael & Mary Eileen Leszcz, request to paint porches, pillers, posts, deck, carport posts/block base of home with “in kind” material and color (white/grey).


HDC 081-2018 for 409 Fourth Street, submitted by Paul Worman, request to repaint metal roof with "in-kind" color of gray and replace some of the damaged window trim with "in-kind" existing cream color.


HDC 082-2018 for 400 Prince George Street, submitted by Robert Katz, request to remove two dead trees from property, one Japanese Maple in front and one Leyland Cypress in right rear of property. Arborist report states trees are dead and should be removed.  Also, request to trim two other trees on property that are touching roof, gutters and house.


9.     New Business


10.     Adjourn