Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 6:30pm


Meeting-April 10, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. Take roll
  2. Review and vote on accepting minutes from the March 13 meeting



  1. Second Saturday Artist Block Fair (Saturday, April 14th from 1-3pm)
    1. How will LAC participate day-of?
      1. Has everyone who is able to signed-up to help?
      2. Set up and take down
      3. Meet and greet artists and vendors
      4. Meet and greet with the public
      5. Table with flyers and signup sheet
      6. Accept donations
    2. Artist signup update (Leigha)
      1. No longer accepting artists
      2. Performing artists and DJ/MC (Steven?)
        1. Equipment and electricity
      3. Face Painting/Body Glitter
      4. Other logistics
    3. Marketing and promotion (general public)
      1. Call for Artists in Laurel Leader last 2 weeks
      2. Possible Story in Laurel Leader
      3. Laurel TV Second Saturday Promo (update from Steven. Can we use the video on Facebook too?)
      4. Facebook Event
      5. NextDoor Post
      6. Second Saturday Banners
      7. City Announcement Boards
      8. Sign to go over Farmer’s Market sign on Friday
      9. Flyer Distribution
      10. Dedicated Mailchimp Email
      11. Invite Mayor and Councilmembers
      12. Ask artist participants to spread the word and share the FB event
    4. Documentation
      1. Photography
      2. Video
      3. Facebook Page and Social Media Policy
    5. What supplies do we need?
      1. Name tags (Bring your own)
      2. LAC banner and supplies to hang the banner (Kelsey)
      3. Tablecloth/s (P&R)
      4. Table and chairs (Second Saturday)
      5. Tent (P&R or LBOT?)
      6. 2 clipboards, multiple pens (P&R)
      7. Plastic paper holders
      8. Papers and flyers:
        1. Signup sheet (Newsletter, Artist Roster, Public Art)
        2. Newsletter example (April)
        3. Bench project flyer
        4. Example tiles and photos for public art project
      9. Donation jars/container
    6. Anything else?
  2. Vice Chair Election
  3. Open House Debrief
  4. Funding and Grants Update
    1. Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants Submitted
    2. Funding: Historical Society? (Public Art Projects)
    3. Funding: Youth Art Budget? (Buy clay for the high school classes to create tiles for the Public Art Project)
    4. Update on Budget Request
    5. Update on LAC Fund Policy
  5. Public Relations & Event Planning Update
    1. Laurel Library is reviewing dates in Aug and Sept 2018 to consider for the Photo Contest
    2. Shot the first two Laurel TV promos:
      1. Inform the community about the NEW Laurel Arts Council
      2. Inform the community about the April Second Saturday
    3. Michelle Moore wants to volunteer for the LAC. What is the policy to accept volunteers? Her email is starred in the Laurel Arts Council general email, which is in the Google Drive.
  6. Strategic Planning (discuss in May)
    1. One-on-one meetings with Laurel artists and groups
    2. Survey the public, businesses, stakeholders
    3. Hold open meeting
  7. Update on Ordinance violation fines for dancing/open mic nights at Ragamuffin Café and Main Street (discuss in May)
  8. Artist Roster (discuss in May)
  9. Send subcommittee summaries and bullet points for the agenda to Kelsey by Friday, May 4
  10. Next meeting will be May 8 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Laurel Municipal Center

Subcommittee Summaries:


Public Relations & Event Planning:

The Events and Public Relations Committee has been focusing on action steps for the upcoming April 14th Second Sat Art Event. Many of us will not be at the Laurel Open House due to our previous commitments.  Steven will let the group know if he has any new information on when the LAC promo will be shown by Laurel TV.


Funding & Grants:

The Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants was submitted and we are waiting to hear back. The Funding subcommittee submitted the LAC Fund Policy that was approved by the LAC body to Joanne to be reviewed by the City.


Strategic Planning:

At the May meeting, we would like to discuss the next steps for the Strategic Planning process. Instead of making assumptions about what the community would like, the Strategic Planning subcommittee proposes that we hold one-on-one meetings with Laurel artists and groups, survey the public, and talk with local businesses and key stakeholders. We are also proposing that the LAC host an open meeting where everyone is welcome to attend and share their opinion on the arts in Laurel and the LAC. We are in the process are formulating and refining the questions to ask.


Arts Education & Public Art:

Provided purpose statements for PG grant application.

Published April 2nd Saturday announcement in Laurel Leader.

Contacted local STEAM schools referred to LAC by Joanne Barr: Chesapeake Math & Information Technology Academy and Oaklands Elementary.  Oaklands confirmed wants to partner.

Provided talking points to Joanne about LAC partnering, for mayor’s quarterly mtgs with schools, as follows:


- Partnership opportunities with the LAC include contributing works to art exhibits, developing art pieces for public places in Laurel, participating in public music and dance concerts, participating in poetry readings at fairs and festivals.

- Benefits of participating include promoting the school, teacher, and students as creators of art and as contributors to the community 



- Council members involved in arts education may be contacting schools and arts faculties to let them know about specific partnership opps. These opps include -

-- performances of music and dance ensembles at events sponsored by the city and hosted  by the arts council

    -- readings of poetry and stories at local literary festivals and arts fairs

    -- performances of plays or skits as part of local arts fairs

    -- exhibits of painting and sculpture in city buildings

 -- co-creation of public art such as sculpture, murals, even decoration of ordinary objects - that would be installed in city spaces


- Schools are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities, because:

-- council will make it as easy as possible on teachers by asking to showcase what students have already created existing rather than making new work

-- we will publicize participation as examples of how you and your school promote the arts, practice arts integration, and contribute to the community

   -- students can add to resume when applying for college



Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2018

The Laurel Arts Council (LAC) held its meeting from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Laurel Municipal Center in Laurel, MD on April 10, 2018. Chair Kelsey Eustace called the meeting to order.

Present: Laverne Debnam, John Drago, Cheryl Dyer, Kelsey Eustace, Steven Echeverry, Christian Givens, Melissa Holland, Nadia Janjua, Alisa Kerr, Joanne Barr (Department of Parks & Recreation – DPR), Leigha Steele (Economic Development Office - EDO)  

Guests: Amanda Fields (Laurel Board of Trade - LBOT)

The minutes of the March 13, 2018 meeting were approved by all LAC members with no edits.



  1. Second Saturday Artist Block Fair (Saturday, April 14th from 1-3pm)
    1. Amanda (LBOT) shared that set up will be from 11:30 am – 12:45 pm. LAC will help put out tables & chairs. Breakdown should take 45 minutes.
    2. DPR will drop off tables. Joanne (DPR) can provide fifteen 8-ft tables, but they need to be picked up. Tents are not being provided. Joanne (DPR) supplied us with tablecloths.
    3. Leigha (EDO) will email a map to all artists with their locations.
    4. Performers will have 15-minute slots to perform. Both Steven and Amanda (LBOT) will bring extension cords.
    5. Steven will be introducing the performing artists and will be present during the whole event.
    6. Amanda (LBOT) asked everyone to help promote the event.
  2. LAC Participation
    1. There must be someone at LAC table at all times.
    2. LAC will meet with public, meet artists, thank them for being there, introduce our mission, and request artists to sign up for newsletter and roster.
    3. Items at table:
      • Fliers will be available at table (and Cheryl’s table) to explain our Public Art project
      • Sign-up sheets for artist rosters, newsletters and participation in Public Art projects will be at table
      • Donation jar – Steven will spray paint coffee can and bring to event.
    4. Steven will be in charge of sound equipment and electricity. First performance is at 1pm.
  3. Marketing
    1. Cheryl was able to have event info published in Laurel Leader
    2. Steven will upload the Laurel TV Second Saturday Promo video to our LAC Facebook page, and the October 2017 Art Walk video can be posted to help promote as well.
    3. LAC Members on Facebook should share event on their pages.
    4. Public Relations Committee will send Mailchimp email invitation to event by Thursday April 12, 2018. Chair Kelsey will send email invitation to Mayor and Councilmembers.
  4. Documentation
    1. Attending LAC members will take photos and videos. Remember to ask permission before photographing. When posting on social media, don’t tag individuals. They can just tag themselves.
  5. Supplies
    1. Bring your own name tags.
    2. Joanne will have tent delivered there.
  6. Vice Chair Election
    1. Melissa will fill in until we elect a Vice Chair and be responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Chair, in the case Chair is not able to.
  7. Open House Debrief
    1. Melissa, Cheryl and Chair Kelsey attended. Cheryl mentioned that we need to have a trifold board, plastic stands, and something free (candy) at our tables. Melissa mentioned we need a way to hang up a banner. Most conversations were with individuals from other organizations. There were a few new email signups. People gravitated towards ceramic tiles and Cheryl mentioned that people suggested other historic buildings for the tile designs. Chair Kelsey felt it was successful.
  8. Funding & Grants Update
    1. LAC requested $2000 for Mosaic project and will find out by June 2018 latest about funding.
    2. Another application cycle will start in the fall. Mary Lehman mentioned LAC may be able to reapply then.
    3. The Historical Society has a new Director and Cheryl mentioned that we have not heard back from them yet about partnering with LAC on the Mosaic Project. If they can’t partner, LAC can still use the Pool Room and open it up to youth from community to participate.
  9. Public Relations & Event Planning Update
    1. Mayor Moe had mentioned an idea of creating a calendar using photography taken by local artists and using it as a fundraising item for the LAC. Public Relations committee is brainstorming ideas:
      • Host a photo contest for 12 selections for a calendar
      • Nadia mentioned that we could work with a professional photographer to come up with the submission criteria
      • LAC needs to decide who will vote on submissions and if a panel is needed
      • If a panel is needed, where will the panel be held?
      • Winning entries could be displayed at Laurel Library on tables (cannot be hung on wall)
      • Sell calendar to raise money for LAC


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. 

Nadia Janjua                                                                               Date: May 6, 2018                     

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